Elisabeth Luce Moore ’24 Internships in Asia

The Elisabeth Luce Moore ’24 Summer Internships in Asia program aims to prepare students for lives and careers in a globalized world. Through internships in East Asian business, government, and nonprofit organizations, students gain a knowledge of local business and cultural norms that informs their liberal arts education and prepares them for professions in an interconnected world. The program, which has sponsored internships in China, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, and South Korea, was established in 1999 with a grant from the Henry Luce Foundation and builds on ties between Wellesley College and Asia that date from the late nineteenth century.

Eligible class years: Varies by placement; opportunities exist for sophomores and juniors (rising juniors and seniors). Self-identified placements not offered for Summer 2020. If you would like to apply for funding for a self-identified placement you may do so through our Grants Program

Stipend Amount: $5,000 (if the placement does not include housing); $2,000 - $3,000 (if the placement includes housing paid for by Career Education).

Please email any questions about placements or their requirements to internships@wellesley.edu.

Summer Internship Credit Approval: Students participating in this program are pre-approved to receive summer internship credit; the credit request process is integrated in the application process.



  • Abby Ow, 2021, Asian Rural Institute, Nasushiobara, Tochigi, Japan
  • Carolyn Price, 2021, Azmi & Associates, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia
  • Catrina Chen, 2021, China Market Research Group, Shanghai, China
  • Winnie Chen, 2020, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Hong Kong , Hong Kong, SAR
  • Isabela Valencia, 2021, Asian Rural Institute, Nasushiobara, Tochigi, Japan
  • Louisa Oppenheim, 2020, Tokyo English Life Line (TELL), Tokyo, Japan
  • Louise Conaty, 2021, Wolver Hill Asset Management (Rogers Investment Advisors), Hong Kong , Hong Kong, SAR
  • Matilda Berke, 2021, Rogers Investment Advisors, Tokyo, Japan
  • Micaela Zelk, 2021, The Haja Production School, Seoul, South Korea


  • Lilly Armstrong ’20, Rogers Investment Advisors, Tokyo, Japan and Wolver Hill Asset Management Asia Ltd, Hong Kong
  • Clare Auld-Brokish ’19, Asian Rural Institute, Nasushiobara, Tochigi-ken, Japan
  • Elisabeth Clemmons ’20, The UB Post, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  • Daniela Gomez ’20, Haja Production School, Seoul, South Korea
  • Marina Hostrop ’20, I’m in China’s English New Media, Beijing, China
  • Hayley Leibenow ’19, Tokyo English Life Line, Tokyo, Japan
  • Yining Li ’20, Rogers Investment Advisors, Tokyo, Japan and Wolver Hill Asset Management Asia Ltd, Hong Kong
  • Sharon Lu ’20, Asian Rural Institute, Nasushiobara, Tochigi-ken, Japan
  • Esther Luo ’20, China Market Research Group, Shanghai, China
  • Riann Tang ’19, ABC News Beijing, Beijing China
  • Cindy Tu ’19, Hong Kong Monetary Fund, Hong Kong
  • Jamie Zhang ’20, Shenzhen Nanshan People’s Hospital, Department of Clinical Psychology, Guangdong, China


  • Nathalie D. Bolduc ‘19, Asian Rural Institute, Nasushiobara, Tochigi-ken, Japan
  • Emma S. Duncan ‘19, Tokyo English Life Life (TELL), Tokyo, Japan
  • Si Ru (Cissy) Hao ‘19, Rogers Investment Advisors, Tokyo, Japan
  • Molly Hoyer ‘18, Asian Rural Institute, Nasushiobara, Tochigi-ken, Japan
  • Anna C. Hunter ‘19, ABC News Beijing, Beijing, China
  • So Jin Ki ‘19, Haja Production School, Seoul, South Korea
  • Mayu M. Kikuchi ‘18, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Hong Kong, SAR
  • Jiwon Lee ‘19, Haja Production School, Seoul, South Korea
  • Xinyi (Sophie) Li ‘19, Rogers Investment Advisors, Tokyo, Japan
  • Hope E. Parker ‘18, City Weekend, Beijing, China
  • Sabrina A. Ruiz ‘18, Kiyosato Educational Experiment Project (KEEP), Yamanashi, Japan
  • Vanessa E. Willoughby ‘18, Elite Scholar of China, Beijing, China
  • Xiangyi (Christine) Yang ‘19, China Market Research Group, Shanghai, China


  • Nisreen S. Abo-Sido ’18, Asian Rural Institute, Tochigi-ken, Japan
  • Genesis Barrios ’17, Asian Rural Institute, Tochigi-ken, Japan
  • Jingwen (Fiona) Fan ’17, Red Fields Partners, Beijing, China
  • Margaret M. Jennings ’18, Tokyo English Life Line (TELL), Tokyo, Japan
  • Ivy Jiang ’17, Hong Kong Monetary Authority, Hong Kong SAR
  • Xueni (Emily) Jin ’17, Advocating for Mental Health Awareness Project, Beijing, China
  • Jiyoung J. Lee ’17, North Korea Intellectuals Solidarity, Seoul, South Korea
  • Xiaorong (Sharon) Liu ’17, Long Museum, Shanghai, China
  • Yuanzhen Pan ’18, Rogers Investment Advisors, Tokyo, Japan
  • Haley L. Shanahan ’18, City Weekend Beijing, Beijing, China
  • Bianka N. Shavers-Rivera ’17, Kiyosato Educational Experiment Project (KEEP), Kiyosato, Japan
  • Jennifer R. Vogan ’17, Haja Production School, Seoul, South Korea
  • Minjia Wu ’16, ABC News, Beijing, China
  • Shiping Xu ’18, Huasheng Zhongtian Consulting Company, Beijing, China
  • Chuqi (Cassandra) Zheng ’18, Red Fields Partners, Beijing, China
  • Linda W. Zhou ’18, China Market Research Group, Shanghai, China

Learn about opportunities in international journalism, marketing, and finance in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.


Organization: Red Fields International (Beijing, China)

Available Placements:

Red Fields International is a financial and strategic advisory firm focused on cross border mergers & acquisitions advisory, private capital raising, and strategic consulting. It is headquartered in Beijing, with branches in Singapore and India. On the capital raising front, they typically advise institutional and strategic investors on specific investment opportunities in China, and in addition, work with non-Chinese companies to find strategic investors and/or acquirers from China. The company’s areas of focus include natural resources, energy, healthcare, education, real estate and infrastructure. Spads Red Fields (SRF) is the international trading arm of Red Fields Partners that focuses predominantly on trading between India, China, Southeast Asia, Africa, Turkey, and other countries. They export machinery and other finished goods from China to other countries, and export raw materials and commodities from India, Southeast Asia, and Africa into China. SRF offers full-service integrated import/export solutions and tailors its operations to meet client needs. Chen Yang ‘04 is the Managing Director of Red Fields Partners. 

What you will learn: The Commodities Trading Intern will assist a commodities trading manager at Spads Red Fields with daily activities. The intern will gain first hand experience in international commodities trading. Skills that you will learn and/or expand upon may include:

  • Research and Information Management: Obtain periodic live quotes from traders, brokers, and indices from China and India. Perform data entry and analysis for trades. Research potential clients for our products.
  • Administrative: Assist with sample inventory management; observing client discussion and meetings.
  • Communications: Observe client meetings and discussions. 
  • Intercultural Fluency and Language: Learn about financial systems and business markets in Asia and other regions. Daily usage of Mandarin in both speaking and written contexts.

Who are you? Open to Sophomores and Juniors. Candidates may be contacted for a phone and/or video interview with the Managing Director. The ideal candidate will have: 

  • Fluency in oral and written Mandarin Chinese and English
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to learn quickly and adapt easily
  • Strong work ethic and ability to work well in teams
  • An interest in international business and trading 


Organization: ABC News Beijing Bureau (Beijing, China)  (Not Available in Summer 2020)

Available Placements: 1

ABC News is responsible for all of the ABC Television Network’s news programming on a variety of platforms: television, radio and the Internet. With an average television and radio audience of 180 million people in a given month, ABC News far surpasses the competition. More than 2,300 affiliate stations broadcast ABC News Radio’s global news coverage. In addition, ABC News Now is a 24-hour news and information network currently available to more than 30 million users across cable, broadband, and mobile platforms. NewsOne, the affiliate news service of ABC News, provides live and packaged news, sports, and weather reports to 200 ABC affiliates, as well as more than 30 domestic and international clients.

What you will learn: The intern must have an interest in journalism and China as she will be given serious and important tasks at ABC News including: researching story ideas, contacting possible interview subjects, writing articles for the ABC News website, transcribing interviews, and organizing and logging materials for the video tape library. Additionally the intern will have the opportunity to assist a producer and camera crew during filming assignments.

Who are you? Open to Juniors in all majors. Academic interests should include interest in China and its history, culture and politics. A background in journalism and various forms of mass communication as well as strong writing skills are preferred. Candidates cannot be residents of China.

An ideal candidate should be able to demonstrate independence, responsibility, and flexibility on the job. Ability to multi-task and work well under deadlines are also top characteristics interns should possess. Being a team player, however, is also of uttermost importance.

Required: intermediate level of fluency in spoken Mandarin, ability to read (Chinese characters are an advantage, but not a requirement).



Organization: China Market Research Group (Shanghai, China)

Available Placements: 1

The China Market Research Group (CMR) is a strategic market intelligence and strategy firm headquartered in Shanghai, China. CMR helps companies build their business in China by identifying and assessing growth opportunities, and developing clear action plans for improving performance and achieving market beating growth through development of superior business models, processes, products, and services. CMR has long-standing internship collaborations with Wellesley College, Harvard University, Princeton University, and Columbia University each year.

CMR clients hail from a variety of industries and range from Fortune 500 companies, to small to medium enterprises (SMEs), to hedge funds and private equity firms. CMR offers expertise in numerous sectors, including fast-moving consumer goods, consumer electronics, retail, health and beauty care, travel and leisure, financial services, chemicals and auto. Analysts on the ground in China conduct research to help companies determine: Market Entry Strategy, Competitor Analysis, Consumer Insights, Target Account Profiling, Venture Capital/Private Equity Due Diligence, and Hedge Funds/Stock Analysis.

What you will learn: The Summer Analyst assumes meaningful responsibility on client projects and is an important part of the project. The Summer Analyst will learn how to conduct research and analyze data in many different sectors in China (e.g., fashion, cosmetics, chemicals, luxury, hedge funds, etc.) and will get a good understanding of business trends in China. Mentorship is a hallmark of CMR and the training provided to summer analysts helps prepare them for any career path. Skills that you will learn and/or expand upon may include: 

  • Research and Analysis: Gather data from one-on-one interviews, surveys, focus groups, and telephone interviews. Work directly with CMR senior management to analyze data to develop strategic recommendations for clients.
  • Administrative:  Provide administrative support for CMR team members.
  • Language and Intercultural Fluency: Learn about the business and economic environment of China. Daily usage of Mandarin in both speaking and written contexts.

Who are you? Open to Sophomores and Juniors. Preference for consideration goes to those with non-China passports, though students of all citizenship are welcome to apply. The ideal candidate will offer the following qualities:

  • Strong oral skills in Mandarin; written Mandarin skills are ideal
  • Strong work ethic
  • Ability to work independently, but also collaboratively with team members in a fast-paced and challenging environment
  • Intrinsic motivation
  • Interest in pursuing a strategy consulting career


HONG KONG (Special Administrative Region)

Organization: Hong Kong Monetary Authority (Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region)

Available Placements:

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) is responsible for maintaining monetary and banking stability in Hong Kong. Its main functions include: (a) keeping the Hong Kong dollar stable; (b) managing the Exchange Fund, Hong Kong’s official reserves; (c) promoting the stability and integrity of the financial system, including the banking system; and (d) maintaining Hong Kong's status as an international financial center. These responsibilities and functions are governed by the Exchange Fund Ordinance and the Banking Ordinance. HKMA was established on April 1, 1993 by merging the Office of the Exchange Fund with the Office of the Commissioner of Banking. It reports to the Financial Secretary. 

What you will learn: The intern will work in the Market Research Division of the Research Department. Her responsibilities center on two main projects. The first project is to assist in refining a bond market database for Hong Kong. The second one entails providing assistance to one or two economists in the Division in their research work on financial markets and financial stability. It is expected that you would improve the following sklls:

  • Critical Thinking & Analysis: Collect data from external databases and compile data sets; data analysis; writing papers and notes on data findings
  • Technical Knowledge & Skills: Learn and write codes for data cleaning and manipulation; conduct estimation work; write literature reviews on financial market issues  
  • Collaboration: Work closely with a small team of economists and contribute to projects in a demanding work environment
  • Intercultural Fluency: Learn about the economy and financial markets of Hong Kong; experience the local culture through work and daily life in Hong Kong

Who are you? Open to Juniors only. At the HKMA, staff members speak both English and Chinese, and practically all written communications are in English. Hence, Chinese language skills are NOT required. This internship is particularly suitable for those who plan to pursue graduate studies in economics or finance, or work in the financial or banking fields. The ideal candidate will have:

  • Good (English) writing skills and basic econometric knowledge
  • Strong interest in financial market research
  • Intellectual maturity and open-minded
  • Ability to work independently
  • Self-motivated and determined to succeed 


Organization: Wolver Hill Asset Management Asia Limited (Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region)

(offered in conjunction with Rogers Investment Advisors, Tokyo, Japan)

Available Placements: 1

Wolver Hill Asset Management Asia Limited (“WHAMAL”) is part of the Wolver Hill group – an Asia-focused alternative investment asset management and advisory group established by Edward J. Rogers in 2006. In cooperation with its Tokyo-based affiliate Rogers Investment Advisors (RIA), WHAMAL provides best-in-class hedge fund platform, consulting and advisory services for alternative investment managers. Formed through a personal, Wellesley-alumna connection of CEO Ed Rogers, the RIA-Wellesley internships have been offered since 2008 and began offering WHAMAL placements since 2018. Interns have the opportunity to work alongside a group of undergraduate interns from Princeton, Stanford and other institutions. 

The Wolver Hill platform delivers innovative and cost-efficient solutions for emerging managers in Asia by providing a top-tier supporting infrastructure including control, compliance and technology thereby allowing managers to focus on executing their strategies. Managers have access to regulatory coverage either in Hong Kong through WHAMAL (licensed by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission) or / and Tokyo through Rogers Investment Advisors K.K. (registered with the Kanto Finance Bureau). Read this letter from recent intern Louise Conaty '21 about her experience with Wolver Hill!

What you will learn: The summer interns are valued as true team members and they are given real and challenging opportunities to assist the growth of its business. In addition to programming and training support through the internship program oftentimes in conjunction with Rogers Investment Advisors (RIA) in Tokyo, former Wolver Hill interns have had the opportunity to develop research skills and financial literacy and to explore compliance and marketing areas of finance. Past students have contributed to assignments with both the RIA team and on longer term projects in Hong Kong.  

Who are you? Open to Sophomores with an interest in exploring finance, especially Asian markets. Ideal candidates will have the following qualities:

  • Intellectual curiosity and creativity
  • Qualified candidates should be self-motivated, team players
  • A basic understanding of financial markets and global economic environment would form a good foundation for the selected intern. 
  • Candidates with proficiency in Cantonese or Mandarin may have an advantage in higher level assignments, although language beyond English itself is not required. 

From the high-energy, densely packed city of Tokyo to the rural retreats of Tochigi and Yamanashi prefectures, explore a diversity of industries in Japan including financial services, environmental leadership, youth development, and counseling.


Organization: Asian Rural Institute (Tochigi, Nasushiobara, Japan)

Available Placements: 2 

Founded in 1973, The Asian Rural Institute (ARI) is an international training center set on a 6-hectare farm located 250km North of Tokyo, Japan. Its mission is to build an environmentally healthy, just and peaceful world, in which each person can live to his or her fullest potential. At ARI, rural leaders from developing countries in Asia, Africa, and the Pacific are invited to participate in a nine-month Rural Leaders Training Program that teaches sustainable, organic agriculture techniques; community development; and leadership. The curriculum is community-based and hands-on learning is emphasized in all areas. Each year there are about 25-30 participants in the program from 14-16 different countries. English is used as the common language. Christian in inspiration, but ecumenical in practice, Asian Rural Institute welcomes people of all faiths, races, classes, and professions to learn and work together.  

What you will learn: The Agricultural and Operations Interns are an integral part of the Asian Rural Institute community. Working alongside our participants and staff, they serve in a support role to the training program. They live simply and work humbly and grow as individuals in the unique multicultural environment that is Asian Rural Institute. Interns must be ready for challenges and physically demanding work. Each intern will be assigned to a section on the farm, in meal service, or in one of the office sections such as Ecumenical Relations or Community Life. On a typical day at ARI community members start the day at 6:30 am, clean and perform farm work. Interns live on site; room and board expenses are covered by Wellesley Career Education. Skills that you will learn and/or expand upon may include:

  • Teaching: Work with the program’s Curriculum Coordinator to revise and update curriculum; revise and update instructional resources for program participants and graduates. 
  • Teamwork/Collaboration: Work with others on a variety of assignments and projects in different areas of the institute (on the farm, in the kitchen, in the office, etc.).
  • Intercultural Fluency: Engage and work with people from all over the world, including ARI staff, program participants, and other interns. Learn from international colleagues and expand your knowledge and understanding of other cultures. 

Who are you? Open to Sophomores and Juniors. Knowledge of Japanese is not required for the internship, but may be helpful for off-site travel. Candidates may be contacted for Skype interviews with the Ecumenical Director and other staff. The ideal candidate will have the following skills and qualities:

  • Growth mindset. Ability to welcome new challenges, such as living and working simply, living within a vast diversity of cultures, ideas, and mentalities, and maintaining an attitude of sharing and service to others. 
  • Comfort with spirituality is essential, as inclusive religious reflection, prayer and worship occur regularly in ARI community life. 
  • Academic interests should include one or more of the following: sustainable agriculture, environmental studies, international relations, Japanese language and culture, social justice issues, religious studies, and/or women’s studies.

Please note that students will receive stipend and support in the equivalent value of $5,000. Students are required to live and work at the training center; Wellesley Career Education pays ARI directly for room and board costs, with the exception of Sunday meals.



Organization: Rogers Investment Advisors (Tokyo, Japan)

(offered in conjunction with Wolver Hill Asset Management Asia Ltd, in Hong Kong)

Available Placements: 1 for Rogers Investment Advisors; 1 for Wolver Hill Asset Management (see posting under China placements above for more details)

Rogers Investment Advisors (RIA) is part of the award-winning Wolver Hill group of companies, an Asia-focused alternative investment asset management and advisory group established by Edward J. Rogers in 2006. With offices in Hong Kong and Tokyo, the group has used its local presence to establish best-in-class investment, operations and risk due diligence processes that have been used to create funds that have consistently yielded superior portfolio performance for clients. The group is positioned to capitalize on the growing Asia-focused fund industry through its local presence, global footprint and historical success in seeding and growing Asian financial services businesses. 

Formed through a personal, Wellesley-alumna connection of CEO Ed Rogers, the RIA-Wellesley internships have been offered since 2008. Wellesley interns have the opportunity to work alongside a group of undergraduate interns from Princeton, Stanford, and other institutions. The alternative investment fund industry (particularly in Asia) rarely takes summer interns as such firms are typically small teams that require extensive financial industry experience. As RIA’s three main business lines are: investment management, an asset management platform including consulting, and business development, this is a rare opportunity for a highly motivated person to gain an accurate overview of the alternative fund industry as well as to gain critical insights into the due diligence process that underpins the selection, analysis and construction of a successful fund portfolio.

Based in Tokyo, RIA’s team uniquely combines decades of buyside and sellside experience in Hedge Funds, Prime Brokerage and Asset Management. This enables them to have a critical understanding of the key relationships for alternative investment strategies including all of the major prime brokers, administrators, legal firms and software providers. Their differentiated backgrounds have been key factors in their track record of outperformance

What You Will Learn: The summer interns are valued as true team members and they are given real and challenging opportunities to assist the growth of its business. Skills that you will learn and/or expand upon may include:

  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving: Projects will include research on hedge funds, business structuring and market opportunity assessments and may be marketing or sales oriented. Depending on their assessment of the intern’s individual capabilities (e.g. technical IT skills, research skills, language skills etc.), they will typically assign at least 1 major project for the intern to accomplish during the internship.
  • Digital Technology: Regular tasks may include spreadsheet analysis, updating client databases, filing reports, and fund industry-specific news gathering and assessment
  • Collaboration & Communication:  Wellesley interns work alongside peers from Stanford, Princeton and other top-ranked institutions. Previous internship projects involved building risk models and associated databases needed to measure hedge fund risks; creating/distributing marketing pitchbooks; updating website and adding graphics/performance numbers; researching business opportunities; building a database of hedge fund managers; and participating in manager interviews to build a new portfolio for the market.
  • Global/Intercultural Fluency: Everyday tasks may involve utilizing the Bloomberg terminal for information gathering and analysis, providing daily news updates to the team on market events around the world that focus on the alternative investment industry, data mining skills, and combining those with higher level macro analysis of how global changes can affect Asian portfolios.

Who are you? Strong preference for Sophomores. Humanities majors are encouraged to apply; the CEO is a Princeton graduate with a degree in History. The ideal candidates will have:

  • Intellectual curiosity and creativity
  • Quantitative, programming and math skills, while not required, would allow high level assignments
  • Qualified candidates should be self-motivated, team players
  • Interest in finance and/or economic systems, particularly in relation to Asia/Japan, preferred; interest in the hedge fund industry helpful, but not required.
  • Fluent English required, while other major Asian languages, particularly Japanese, Chinese, or Korean would be an advantage (but not obligatory)

Candidates may be contacted for multiple interview rounds in January and February, including phone/video and in-person interviews with the CEO and/or COO in Boston.


Organization: Tokyo English Lifeline (TELL) (Tokyo, Japan)

Available Placements: 1

Tokyo English Life Line (TELL) is an accredited non-profit organization that has been providing confidential support and Western-style counseling to the international and Japanese community for 45 years. TELL provides three core services: the Life Line, TELL Counseling, and TELL Outreach. Staffed by trained volunteers, the Life Line offers free, confidential telephone support in English to anyone in Japan who calls them to speak about their concerns or troubles. 

TELL Counseling centers are the only professional counseling centers in Japan staffed by licensed internationally trained professionals and accredited by the Samaritan Institute, offering multilingual, confidential, counseling and psychological assessments for adults, children, and adolescents as well as couples and families. Tell Outreach offers a variety of educational and outreach programs aimed at helping improve the wellbeing of individuals in the community, including Employee Assistance Programs, Child Protection Services, parenting and school programs, Suicide Awareness and Prevention Program, and Disaster Relief & Psychological First Aid (PFA). 

What you will learn: The TELL Intern provides support to all three TELL divisions. Depending on the intern’s interests and abilities, the internship offers a range of opportunities, including observing clinical staff meetings and case conferences; assisting with grant writing, outreach workshops & activities, as well as developing community resources. Skills that you will learn and/or expand upon may include:

  • Communications and Outreach: Support outreach activities for programs, such as the Child Protection Services program and the Exceptional Parenting program; develop and maintain TELL website, social media, and online resource page. 
  • Research: Conduct research on topics related to mental health and wellbeing.
  • Administrative: Support general office operations; assist with staff training; support fundraising activities.
  • Intercultural Fluency: Learn about the operations of a non-profit organization in the Japanese market. Understand mental health and wellness within a different cultural context.

Who are you? Open to Sophomores and Juniors. No language requirement for the workplace, but those with conversational Japanese will find this helpful in navigating life both inside and outside of the workplace.  The ideal candidates will have:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Patience and flexibility
  • Cultural awareness and sensitivity
  • Coursework completed in psychology, social work, or related field preferred, though any general interest in exploring these areas is welcome

Discover a unique opportunities to engage with Korean communities through a non-traditional school and activist nonprofit in the country's capital city. 


Organization: Kurikindi Center (formerly The Haja Production School) (Seoul, Korea)

Available Placements: 2

Kurikindi Center (formerly The Haja Production School) is an alternative school funded by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. It is a school for young people who choose not to be in the public/traditional school system. Students learn and grow through creative and public activities, and explore what it means to be a global citizen. Interns will have the opportunity to teach courses and other youth activities in close collaboration with school staff. The regular classes at the school include urban farming class, Globish class (see below), media class (music performance, video, design), Korean writing class, dance class (African dance, improvised dance) and Capoeira alegria class. Students of the school also have to plan, develop, and carry out group projects each semester.

The internships with Kurikindi Center were developed through close collaboration with Professor Sunhee Lee of the East Asian Languages and Culture department. Wellesley students have the opportunity to work alongside other U.S. college students as well; in 2019, the school hosted 7 American interns, including two Wellesley student.

What you will learn: Curriculum and Teaching Interns will teach as well as plan events and workshops for students. Skills that you will learn and/or expand upon may include:

  • Teaching: Interns will teach in the globish class. Globish (Global + English) is learned and spoken in Haja Production School as a tool for communication as the young people have frequent opportunities to meet and work with non-Koreans. There is no fixed curriculum and interns can use the Globish haja textbook as their guide to teach the classes.
  • Organization and Leadership: The school organizes or takes part in various events and workshops throughout the semester. Interns will be part of the planning and implementation process of such events and workshops (e.g., parades and performances to raise awareness on climate change and energy, urban farming events, etc.). 
  • Creative and Collaborative: Everyone at the school proposes ideas for the group projects. Interns are also invited to make proposals and be part of the group projects. The school also runs a late summer AI camp, toward which interns have the opportunity to contribute ideas.
  • Intercultural Fluency: Learn about education systems and alternative education options in South Korea. 

Who are you? Open to Sophomores and Juniors. Ability to communicate in Korean is preferred and some familiarity with Korean culture is advantageous. Candidates may be contacted to interview with Wellesley Professor Sunhee Lee. Ideal candidates will have the following skills and qualities:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a cooperative team
  • Outgoing personality with a great sense of creativity
  • Flexible and adaptable disposition


Organization: Citizens’ Alliance for North Korea Human Rights (NKHR) (Seoul, Korea)

Available Placements: 1

Founded in Seoul in 1996, NKHR is the world’s first and oldest NGO devoted fully to the advancement of human rights in North Korea. The organization has played a significant role in making North Korean human rights issues known internationally by organizing international conferences, worldwide partnering with media, filmmakers, artists, and authors to spread awareness about human rights violations in North Korea, and establishing an international network of NGOs to influence government policymakers and the United Nations. NKHR works closely with the United Nations, participating in UN reviews of North Korea’s adherence to human rights laws and consistently briefing UN officials, agencies, and diplomats on developments in North Korea. In addition to its advocacy in Seoul and at the United Nations, NKHR brings North Korea’s human rights violations to the attention of NGOs, governments, intergovernmental organizations and the general public in Southeast Asia, Africa and South America. In South Korea and abroad, NKHR raises awareness through concerts, art exhibitions, seminars, and meetings to reach a broad and diverse audience.

What you will learn: The intern will participate in the organization’s diverse activities and conduct research on organizing resettlement programs for North Koreans in South Korea. She will also promote awareness of human rights violations in North Korea while connecting the international community. Skills that you will learn and/or expand upon include:

  • Teamwork/Collaboration: Work with others on a variety of programs and assignments. A growth and compassionate mindset is essential.
  • Intercultural Fluency: Engage and work with diverse communities including North Korean refugees, NKHR staff, and program participants.

Who are you? Open to Sophomores and Juniors. Advanced oral and written Korean and English skills are required for handling various translation assignments. The ideal candidate will have the following qualities: 

  • Strong work ethic
  • Ability to work independently, but also collaboratively with team members
  • Intrinsic motivation for advocacy against human rights violations