EMPOWERS series, Step 1: Enhance Your Energy

Step One

The EMPOWERS process is designed to support you in moving into a place of happiness and fulfillment, creating a sense of purpose, and finding the time to “have it all.”

Step One: E – Enhance Your Energy

You’ve been running on empty for a long time. You know about the idea of self-care, but you’ve been too tired to really get anywhere with finding relief. You need some strategies, fast, that give quick results so you can start the rest of the process. In this video, Dr. Kristina Hallett discusses ways you can set limits, access additional resources, and determine the truth behind what feels like failure to you.

Learn more about Dr. Kristina Hallett at https://www.drkristinahallett.org, or contact her at kristinamhallett@gmail.com.

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