EMPOWERS series, Step 2: Make More Time

Step Two

The EMPOWERS process is designed to support you in moving into a place of happiness and fulfillment, creating a sense of purpose, and finding the time to “have it all.”

Step Two: M – Make More Time

It is possible to create extra time in your life. The short version of how to do it is to prioritize, say no, stop multitasking, and start living in the now. In this second video in the Empowers series, Dr. Kristina Hallett talks about how to take a deeper look at the differences between obligations and choices, and a more expansive way to understand how you look at the world.

Learn more about Dr. Kristina Hallett at https://www.drkristinahallett.org, or contact her at kristinamhallett@gmail.com.

Music: https://www.bensound.com