Faith Arimoro ’17, Medical Student


I still can't believe that I am officially starting medical school. Every day I'm made aware of what a privilege it is to have a role in the care of a patient, and that as part of the next generation of physicians, I am expected to continue to improve patient care. As I am learning about those who came before me and the recent advances which have greatly reduced the burden of certain diseases, I am awe-struck about officially being welcomed into this profession. Honestly it's a bit overwhelming. However, I am confident that I can thrive in this new environment in large part because of my experiences at Wellesley. At Wellesley I not only learned how to learn, but also learned how to embrace my mistakes. More importantly, Wellesley allowed me to develop my interests and passions outside the classroom. So as I am starting my medical career very excited and a little nervous, I am confident that Wellesley gave me the foundation to thrive not just as a physician but also as a multidimensional person.