Hive Internship Projects: Student FAQs

What is a Hive Internship Project?

Hive Internship Projects are short-term, virtual experiences that are designed by unbundling long-term internships and separating out individual projects that can be completed remotely. Students benefit from working on a real-world project for an alumna or employer, while organizations gain timely support from students. Opportunities run for 40-80 hours over the course of 2-4 weeks during Summer 2021 (June 14 - August 20).


Why should I complete a Hive Internship Project?

Hive Internships give you an opportunity to work on a real-world project designed especially for Wellesley students. Because of their short time commitment and virtual nature, HIPs offer flexibility not always possible with a traditional internship. Students who participated in HIPs in the past shared that some of the most significant benefits of participating in the program include:

  • Gaining individualized mentorship and support from a Wellesley alumna, parent, or employer
  • Engaging in fields not always accessible to college students such as podcasting, architecture, investing, and graduate research
  • Learning about and exploring a career industry or pathway
  • Rapidly developing new knowledge and skills
  • Completing a project that can be included on a resume and/or portfolio
  • Making connections with industry professionals through informational interviews
  • Experiencing a virtual work environment


Am I eligible to apply for Hive Internship Projects? 

All Wellesley students, including graduates of 2021 and international students are eligible to participate in Hive Internship Projects. However, students participating in any other Wellesley sponsored internship program (such as Signature internships, Departmental internships Science Center Summer Research program, Wellesley in Washington, Albright) are not eligible. Students may only participate in one Wellesley sponsored internship program at a time. 

With specific eligibility questions, please email



Are these paid opportunities?

Hive Internship Projects may be paid or unpaid. When reviewing projects on the Hive, it will be clear whether the opportunity is paid and how much. Compensation will be handled between the employer and the student following the hiring process within the Hive. 

Students participating in unpaid projects may apply to the Hive Internship Project Mini Grants to receive grants up to $300 for their experience. Grants are awarded based on need and international student status. Applications for these grants will open May 24.

Regardless of compensation, students who complete a Hive Internship Project can be awarded 0.5 non-academic credit for their experience upon completion of a Hive Pathway, which you will be able to access upon being hired for a project. 2021 graduates and students on leave for Spring 2021 are not eligible to receive the credit. 


I am an international student. Can I participate in Hive Internship Projects, and what should I know?

Yes, international students can participate in the HIPs program! However, Hive Internship Projects are not CPT eligible, so international students are unable to receive payment from employers. Career Education encourages international students to apply for a Hive Internship Project Mini Grant (applications open May 24) to support their participation in the program. International students will receive a letter from Career Education confirming the educational benefit of participation in a HIP.


What’s the application timeline and when should I apply? 

Students may apply for projects of interest between April 26 and May 17, 2021. Employers will interview and select final candidates by May 24.


How many projects can I apply to? 

You can apply to as many projects as you would like, but you will only be eligible to complete one project over the course of the summer.


Where can I find a list of available Hive Internship Projects? 

Please log into the Wellesley Hive. Go to the Opportunities section, and select Explore Projects under Experiential Learning Project to view all the available Hive Internship Projects. Projects can be filtered by Industries. Students may apply for projects of interest between April  26 and May 17, 2021.


What if I don’t see a project that’s interesting to me? 

Please continue to check back into The Hive between April 26 and May 17 to view all available projects. Being open to a variety of projects will enable you to gain skills regardless of whether the project perfectly aligns with your industry or interest or not. Think broadly about the skills and type of experience you’d like to gain through your Hive Internship Project, and remember that you can likely achieve these goals through work in many different industries. 

For example, you might be interested in communications and marketing and hope to find a project with a media company. However, work related to communications and marketing can be found across all industries. Maybe you’ll come across a project to create a social media strategy for a healthcare start-up, or a project to create web and print materials for a food back. Neither organization may be a media company, but both projects will enable you to gain relevant skills and experience.


How do I apply for a Hive Internship Project? 

  • Log into the Wellesley Hive. Go to the Opportunities section, and click on Projects. 
  • Explore the available projects by clicking on project name to see details.
  • To apply, click on Apply Now in the project details page.
  • You will need to upload your resume, and responses to two questions that speak to your interest in the project and the strengths you will bring to the work (250 words max per response). The employer might request additional documents; make sure to read through the instructions. 
  • Click Submit when pdfs of all the required documents are uploaded. 
    • Note: Once submitted, an application cannot be withdrawn or edited. Make sure that your application is complete and final before submitting.
  • Congratulations! You will see Applied highlighted beneath the opportunity to indicate your success.

I applied! What do I do now? 

Employers will reach out to applicants directly. Some alumnae/employers may virtually interview you, while others may simply communicate over email. Make sure to be on the lookout for communications so that you don’t miss an interview request. 

If you receive an offer, you will have 2 days to commit or decline the offer. If you apply to multiple projects, it is possible that you might receive multiple offers. Students may only complete one project this summer. 


How can I make the most of my Hive Internship Project?

Because Hive Internship Projects are so brief, it is important to take time in the beginning to reflect on your goals for the experience. Are there skills you want to develop, people you hope to meet, and/or projects you plan to complete? Write these down for yourself and then share these goals with your supervisor in an initial conversation. This is also a good opportunity to ask your supervisor about their goals for the experience. It is important that you and your supervisor are in alignment with one another so that you can be sure to meet expectations and your supervisor can be most supportive in terms of giving you the experiences, tasks, and feedback you need to grow. 

As you move through the internship, make sure to return to these goals. Are you making the progress you’d hoped? Have your goals changed? In your remaining time, what action steps do you need to take to make sure you’ve accomplished what you set out to do.

The College Career Mentor team has written a resource to help you make the most of your time working on your project.  It provides helpful guidance and strategies for working on virtual projects, including:

  • Building a relationship with your supervisor
  • Communicating clearly
  • Dealing with different time zones
  • Staying organized
  • Finding motivation and staying on task
  • Taking initiative and being resourceful
  • Creating boundaries 


How will I be supported by Career Education throughout my project?

Throughout your experience, all participants will be supported by Career Education Pathways that are designed to offer experiential learning resources and reflection exercises throughout the summer. All students engaging in Hive Internship Projects this summer will be given access to the Pathway at the start of their project. Also, remember that your College Career Mentor or a Career Community Advisor is here to support you at any stage of the process, from applying to reflecting and anything in between. Never hesitate to book an appointment through Handshake.


Need-based Mini Grants

Students who are hired for an unpaid Hive Internship Project may apply for a small ($300) need-based grant to help offset living expenses. Recognizing that financial constraints may limit the ability to dedicate time to these experiences, these grants are intended to make it possible for students to participate in an unpaid opportunity. 

Students will be able to apply for grants only once they are hired for a Hive Internship Project. To apply, students will submit a brief statement explaining why they need the funds through a Google Form (coming soon!). Grants are awarded based on need and international student status. Applications for these grants will open May 24 and will be disbursed mid June.