Hive Internship Projects: Student FAQs

What is a Hive Internship Project?

Hive Internship Projects are short-term, virtual experiences that are designed by unbundling long-term internships and separating out individual projects that can be completed remotely. Students benefit from working on a real-world project for an alumna or employer, while organizations gain timely support from students. Opportunity time varies, and can go up to 80 hours, over the course of about 2–4 weeks in the summer (June 1  – August 15). 


Am I eligible to apply for Hive Internship Projects? 

If you are a current Wellesley student or a 2020 Wellesley graduate, you are eligible to apply for Hive Internship Projects.  Students are not eligible if they are receiving Career Education Summer internships funding or Wellesley College research funding this summer. Students may accept only one opportunity to ensure that the projects can impact as many students as possible. 


Are these paid opportunities?

Hive Internship Projects labeled as “paid” are compensated by the employer, you can directly communicate with the employer.  

If the opportunity is labeled “unpaid”, most students can receive one $600 stipend from Career Education. Each student is only eligible for one Hive Internship Project stipend. The stipend funding process will start  when you are hiring into a project.   


How many projects can I apply to? 

You can apply to as many projects as you would like, but you will only be eligible to complete one project currently for Summer 2020. Career Education may open up the ability for students to complete a second project in late summer should there be an overwhelming number of projects. 


Where can I find a list of available Hive Internship Projects? 

Please log into the Wellesley Hive. Go to the Opportunities section, and select the Projects section to view all the available Hive Internship Projects. The projects can be filtered by Industries.  Keep on checking in; more projects are being posted on an ongoing basis!


What if I don’t see a project that’s interesting to me? 

Please continue to check back into The Hive over the coming weeks, as many new projects will be rolling in at various times. Being open to a variety of projects will also enable you to gain skills regardless of whether the project perfectly aligns with your industry or interest or not. 

Beyond summer projects, there are many other productive ways to spend your summer. One valuable next step is to reach out to alumnae through The Hive for mentorship. These relationships will help you to explore, gain insight into a variety of fields, and potentially find opportunities down the road. If you’re having trouble finding a mentor match, email and our team would be happy to help you! 


How do I apply for a Hive Internship Project? 

  • Log into the Wellesley Hive. Go to the Opportunities section, and click on Projects. 
  • Explore the available projects by clicking on project name to see details.
  • To apply, click on Apply Now in the project details page.
  • You will need to upload your resume, and responses to two questions that speak to your interest in the project and the strengths you will bring to the work (250 words max per response). The employer might request additional documents; make sure to read through the instructions. 
  • Click Submit when pdfs of all the required documents are uploaded. 
    • Note: Once submitted, an application cannot be withdrawn or edited. Make sure that your application is complete and final before submitting.
  • Congratulations! You should see Applied to indicate your success.

What’s the application timeline and when should I apply? 

These projects are alumnae/employer driven, so the timeline varies and is rolling. We strongly encourage you to apply ASAP when you see something you are interested in.  



I applied! What do I do now? 

Projects are rolling, meaning alumnae/employers will reach out to applicants at various times. Some alumnae/employers may virtually interview you, while others may simply communicate over email. 

If you receive an offer, you will have 3 days to commit or turn down the offer. If you apply to multiple projects, it is possible that you might receive multiple offers. Once you accept one project, please respond back to the other hiring managers through your inbox in The Hive to decline the other offers and open the opportunity back to other students.


How can I make the most of my Hive Internship Project?

The College Career Mentor team has written a resource to help you make the most of your time working on your project.  It provides helpful guidance and strategies for working on virtual projects, including:

  • Building a relationship with your supervisor
  • Communicating clearly
  • Dealing with different time zones
  • Staying organized
  • Finding motivation and staying on task
  • Taking initiative and being resourceful
  • Creating boundaries
  • And more

While some of the information covered in this document may not apply to your project, you can read up on the topics that are relevant to you!


How will I be supported by Career Education throughout my project?

Throughout your experience, all participants will be supported by Career Education Pathways that are designed to offer experiential learning resources and reflection exercises throughout the summer. All students who are engaging in Hive Internship Projects this summer will be given access to the Pathway at the start of their project.