Resources for International Students Applying to Health Profession Schools

Note: For up-to-date information for international students, please visit the Slater International Center and speak with their staff.

It can be particularly challenging for international students to be accepted into US health professions schools. Many schools do not allow international applications, and those that do often accept international students in small numbers. It is also difficult to obtain funding as an international student, and some schools will ask students to place money in escrow or prove in some other way that they are able to cover their educational expenses. In general, applicants who are permanent residents are viewed similarly to applicants who are US citizens.

International students should refer to individual school websites to determine whether applications are accepted from international applicants. Rules for Canadian students vary, depending on the school. Students interested in research can explore application to MD/PhD programs, as independent funding may be available though those programs.

International students who are interested in taking a gap year before applying to medical school will need to check in with the staff of the Slater International Center staff to learn about issues such as visas, permits to work in the US during a gap year, and whether they should choose an academic major that will facilitate their request to work in the US.

Here are some references that may be helpful to international students seeking admission into US health professions schools:

  1. Educational Commissions for Foreign Medical Graduates
  2. AAMC Information of Applying to Medical School as an International Applicant
  3. Detailed information on the Clark University Prehealth Website
  4. Johns Hopkins University Pre-Professional Advising Website