Resources for Students of Arab Descent

While we realize that the term “Arab Descent” may capture a large geographic area, as well as a diverse range of cultures, nationalities, and backgrounds, we present these resources as one document due to the way in which career resources are typically made available.

U.S. law provides specific protection against discrimination based on a person’s identified race.

In addition to knowing your legal rights, it is also important to identify employers that are inclusive in their hiring and professional support practices.

Here are a collection of other career-related resources, including relevant information on employers, professional organizations, and funding sources.



American Mideast Educational and Training Services (AMIDEAST)
Funded by the U.S. Department of State, the Fulbright Foreign Student Program is a merit-based scholarship program that provides graduate students, young professionals and artists up to two years of funding for graduate-level study at a U.S. university. Admission requirements, length of program, type of award, and application instructions vary by country.
Opportunity Type: Scholarship

Arab American Scholarships (and international education opportunities)
American-Arab Anti-Discrimination (ADA) compiled a list of scholarship funds earmarked for Arab Americans (or for Arab students in the U.S.).
Opportunity Type: List of Scholarships

The Barakat Trust
The Barakat Trust supports the study and preservation of Islamic heritage, architecture, archaeology, art and culture by funding student's academic research, publications, digitisation, conservation, conferences and other projects.
Opportunity Type: Scholarship

Bauce Magazine listing of 110 College & Graduate Scholarships for Women of Color
This listing of scholarships is tailored to multicultural women who are enrolled as undergraduate and graduate students in a variety of academic disciplines. All scholarships are separated by category and include information in regards to the total award amount and general application date.
Opportunity Type: List of Scholarships

Jack G. Shaheen Mass Communications Scholarship Awards

To honor Arab American students who excel in media studies.
Opportunity Type: Scholarship

National Arab American Medical Association
The National Arab American Medical Association Foundation takes great pride in the worthy projects it has supported since 1990 and hopes to make a greater impact with its philanthropy over the years to come. The Foundation offers two annual scholarship grants of $1,000 each to qualified students of Arabic extraction enrolled in a U.S. or Canadian medical, osteopathic or dental school.
Opportunity Type: Scholarship

Scholarships for Iranian-American Students
As part of its greater effort to increase Iranian-American civic participation, the National Iranian American Council (NIAC) has compiled information on US scholarships available specifically to students of Iranian heritage, funded by Iranian-American donors. Full access to higher education is part of the lifeline of any community in the information age and we encourage students to take full advantage of these scholarships.
Opportunity Type: List of Scholarships



ADCRI Anthony Shadid Internship Program
The intern program offers a variety of positions for leadership development. It educates students on issues of civil rights, the Arab heritage, and current events in the Middle East. It empowers them to educate others. Students gain practical training in community organizing, media relations, research and writing, legal issues, political action, educational outreach, and routine office work alongside our regular professional staff. Interns in various facets: Government Relations, Legal, Media, Organizing, President's Office, ACA Women's Empowerment Forum. Has summer & semester internship"
Opportunity Type: Internship