Resources for Undocumented Students and Students Qualified for DACA

DISCLAIMER: Due to the ever-changing nature of this issue, these resources may quickly become outdated or less applicable to any given person. While we make an effort to keep these resources up-to-date, please check on current developments when using the information below. You can also make an appointment to meet with someone in Career Education if you need any additional career-related support.


On-Campus Resources and Supports

Here are links to campus resources and supports:

Wellesley College Information on Immigration Issues
Resources and Policy Updates to Help Inform the Wellesley College Community on Immigration, updated regularly by the Wellesley College Working Group on Immigration Policy.

Wellesley Career Education - Resources for Undocumented Immigrants/DACA Applicants to Medical Professions Schools
Gaining admission to health professions schools and identifying funding sources to finance professional school education can be challenging for undocumented immigrants.   But resources do exist to help applicants.


Off-Campus Resources and Supports

Below you will find additional resources related to navigating your career path here at Wellesley and beyond.

Immigrants Rising
Immigrants Rising offers an array of outstanding resources to support undocumented individuals and their allies, on topics including free-lancing, entrepreneurship, scholarships, immigration information, and more

DREAMer’s Roadmap
We believe that all students regardless of legal status should have the same opportunity to pursue the “American Dream” and become the first in their families to be college graduates. Our vision is to bring hope to all those students who think there is no path for them after high school to continue their higher education. We want to be able to bridge the gap of lack in financial aid when transitioning to college for all undocumented students.

At TheDream.US, we’re working to help over 4,000 highly motivated DREAMers graduate from college with career-ready degrees.

Department of Education - Scholarships for Undocumented Students
NOTE: Scholarships are listed on p. 42 of this document
This information is provided for the reader’s convenience and is included here to offer examples of the many scholarships that educators, parents, advocates, administrators, and other interested parties may find helpful and use at their discretion. The U.S. Department of Education does not control or guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of this outside information. In addition, the organizations sponsoring these scholarships are responsible for deciding whether or not to award a scholarship to any individual.

My Undocumented Life
Our mission at My Undocumented Life blog is to provide up-to-date information and resources to undocumented immigrants. We post scholarship opportunities that are open to undocumented students, strategies for navigating the educational system, information on how to apply for DACA/Advanced Parole, news on DAPA, and much more. Most importantly, we want to provide a sense of community to our diverse group of readers.

Immi helps immigrants in the U.S. understand their legal options. Our online screening tool, legal information, and referrals to nonprofit legal services organizations are always free to use. Immi was created by the Immigration Advocates Network and Pro Bono Net, two nonprofit organizations dedicated to increasing access to justice for low-income immigrants.

Immigrant Legal Resource Center (Red Cards)
All people in the United States, regardless of immigration status, have certain rights and protections under the U.S. Constitution. The ILRC’s Red Cards help people assert their rights and defend themselves in many situations, such as when ICE agents go to a home.