Sabrina Zionts ’16, Nurse Midwife Student

When I entered Wellesley, I knew I wanted to eventually work with women in some capacity, but I never expected I would do so as a medical provider. My plan was to study Women’s and Gender Studies (WGST) and stay far away from pre-medical courses. I first learned about nurse-midwifery in a Medical Anthropology course during my sophomore year. I was thrilled by the idea of pursuing a career in reproductive justice, a personal and extracurricular interest of mine, and decided to explore opportunities related to this profession. I enrolled in a doula training course and begged almost every doula and midwife in the greater Boston area to let me shadow her. My advisor in the WGST department was very supportive when she learned about my interest and helped connect me with a young alumna studying midwifery at Yale School of Nursing — a program that required no pre-requisites and to which I was eligible to apply during my senior year. A year after graduating from Wellesley, I am now myself a student at Yale, about to become an RN, and studying to be a Certified Nurse-Midwife and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. Educating me about midwifery is one of the best gifts Wellesley gave to me. I am indebted to the guidance and support of my major advisor, as well as the rest of my professors who supported me on this unexpected but exciting journey.