Spanish Department Internships

The Spanish Department offers several internship opportunities to practice and continue exploring the Spanish and Hispanic languages and culture. For Summer 2021, the Department has confirmed virtual internships at El Observatorio Instituto Cervantes at Harvard University (Cambridge, MA) and el Museo de Arte de Ponce (Ponce, Puerto Rico).

Due to the continuing pandemic, it is unclear whether the following opportunities will be offered this summer:

  • Asociación de parálisis cerebral y otras afecciones similares, (ACPACYS) (Córdoba, España)
  • Universidad Internacional Menéndez y Pelayo (UIMP) (Santander, España)

Wellesley has not determined whether it will resume funding in-person internships this summer; a decision is expected in April. Many organizations are also uncertain whether they are able to host this summer. If, at a later date, an internship at another partner site becomes possible, the Spanish Department and Career Education will advertise the opportunity and reopen the application so that students may apply.

How to Apply: Students may apply to more than one internship site. Please prepare the following materials and save as PDF files:

  • Personal Statement (one-page, 1'' margins, single-spaced, in English) responding to the following prompts:
    • What you hope to gain from the experience
    • What your education and career goals are and
    • Paragraph briefly discussing any travels abroad you have previously had, especially detailing any time you have spent in any Spanish-speaking countries
    • A statement of what financial aid, if any, you are receiving from Wellesley College
  • Resume
  • Transcript (unofficial from Workday)
  • Cover letter (if applying to El Observatorio,the cover letter must be written in Spanish; if applying to el Museo de Arte de Ponce, cover letters may be written in English or Spanish)

Once your materials are complete, please upload via the Centralized Internships Application.

Students should anticipate interviewing with department faculty before a placement is confirmed.

Application Deadline: March 15, 2021 by 11:30 PM EST (Boston time)

Looking for other work opportunities in Spanish-speaking countries?

Learn about the Wellesley Career Education Global Citizenship Program and available placements in Argentina and Costa Rica!


For Summer 2021, the Spanish Department is currently offering internships at El Observatorio Instituto Cervantes at Harvard University and el Museo de Arte de Ponce. Descriptions of other partner sites are included below and internships may be offered at a later date, if the opportunity becomes available. 

The mission of the Observatory is to develop and organize a program of projects and activities for analysis, reflection and debate on the presence of Spanish in the United States and its relationship with the international arena as a first or second language or foreign language.


Where: El Observatorio de la lengua española y las culturas hispánicas en los Estados Unidos 

Misión y objetivos del Observatorio: Se trata de un centro de investigación del Instituto Cervantes en la Faculty of Arts and Sciences de Harvard University, destinado al estudio en torno a la situación del español en este país norteamericano, tanto en su dimensión lingüística como cultural. Entidad sin ánimo de lucro, el Observatorio se ofrece como foro internacional de análisis y debate entre expertos de Harvard University y otras universidades estadounidenses, así como de España e Hispanoamérica. Encarga y publica estudios, patrocina proyectos, y celebra actividades tanto culturales como académicas, con el objetivo de promover el conocimiento y prestigio de la lengua y las culturas hispánicas en el contexto estadounidense. Su programación presta especial atención a la evolución social y lingüística del español, a su uso, aprendizaje o percepción por distintos tipos de hablantes en el país, a su coexistencia con otras lenguas en este contexto multilingüe y multicultural, así como a la producción literaria, artística e intelectual en español y su difusión tanto en esta lengua como en traducción al inglés.

El Observatorio desarrolla sus actividades en cinco ámbitos de estudio:

  1. La lengua española en los Estados Unidos
  2. Lenguas y culturas en contacto
  3. Enseñanza del español en los Estados Unidos
  4. Cultura y pensamiento en español
  5. Traducción del español en los Estados Unidos

What: La estudiante becada desarrollará su propio proyecto de investigación y colaborará con la labor del Observatorio en los trabajos y gestiones que se le asignen. El campo para su propio proyecto es amplio, aunque ha de estar relacionado con el español o las culturas hispánicas; podrá ser continuación de algo iniciado en alguna de las clases cursadas en Wellesley, o un tema nuevo que se constituya en el germen de una futura tesis. 

Las fechas, el horario y las tareas a realizar se establecerán con la Directora ejecutiva del Observatorio, Marta Mateo Martínez de Bartolomé. Para cualquier pregunta o duda previa se puede contactar con Carlos Ramos, en el Departamento de Español de Wellesley College.

Who: Las candidatas han de estar cursando su segundo o tercer año en Wellesley College, deberán tener un nivel avanzado de español y preparar su solicitud para el proceso de selección según se indica en el siguiente punto (How).

How: La solicitud consistirá de la siguiente documentación: 

  • Carta de presentación (Cover letter) en español, dirigida a Marta Mateo Martínez de Bartolomé, Directora ejecutiva del Observatorio. La carta describirá el interés de la candidata por este periodo de prácticas así como su propuesta de proyecto.  
  • Curriculum vitae (Resume) (en inglés o español)
  • Expediente académico (Unofficial Transcript) (en inglés o español)

When: 300 horas distribuidas entre los meses de junio y agosto. La becaria trabajará entre 20 y 25 horas a la semana, a concretar con el equipo del Observatorio antes del comienzo de la beca.

Number of Placements: 1

Stipend Amount: $4,000

The museum holds 4,500 objects in one of the most important collections of European art in the Caribbean and Latin America. Interns will gain first-hand practical experience in an art-historical, curatorial, or arts-related career.


Where: Founded in 1959, the Museo de Arte de Ponce holds one of the most important collections of European art in the Caribbean and Latin America. The museum is devoted to exhibiting, studying, and conserving visual art of the Western tradition from the fourteenth century to the present. There are around 4,500 objects in the collection, of which the strongest areas are Italian painting from 1600-1750, French and Spanish painting and sculpture from 1600-1900, and British painting from 1800-1900. Visitors will also find works by Caribbean artists (and some Latin American) from the eighteenth century to the present. Besides painting and sculpture, the collection includes objects in other traditional and non-traditional media such as prints and drawings, photographs, decorative arts, pre-Hispanic and African objects, Puerto Rican folk art, contemporary ceramics, as well as video and sound art.

What: Interns will gain first-hand practical experience in an art-historical, curatorial, or arts-related career. The chosen candidate will work closely with the museum’s Curator, but will have an independent research project related to an artwork of their choosing from the European art collection. At the end of the internship, the intern will have written a research paper and adapt it into different texts for the museum, such as blog post for the website, gallery label, social media posts and script for educational capsules. Additionally, the intern may be asked to carry out other curatorial tasks related to the research of the permanent collection.

Who: Open to Juniors and Seniors. Candidates should have a strong art historical background, with a preference for those focusing on any aspect/period relevant to the permanent collection. Because the internship will be remote, good research skills and access to a specialized library is required and ability to work independently is a must. While it is not required, the ability to communicate (oral/written) in Spanish is desired.

When: Remote internship between June and August 2021

How: Candidates should provide the following materials: Cover letter addressed to Alejandra Peña Gutierrez, Resume and an Unofficial Transcript.

Number of Placements: 1

Stipend: $4,000

Opportunity to work with individuals living with cerebral palsy, both in the day center and the inpatient wing, by supporting the different activities that are planned throughout the day.


Where: Asociación cordobesa de parálisis cerebral y otras afecciones similares (ACPACYS - is an NGO in Córdoba, Spain, that offers many services to those affected by cerebral palsy. The larger portion of its clients are children. There is a residential unit of about 35 beds, but most clients are served mainly during the day. For children with cerebral palsy, movement can be easier in a swimming pool or while riding ponies. There are also various therapies that assist improve the lives of those affected.

What: Interns work with individuals living with cerebral palsy (CP), both in the day center and the inpatient wing, by supporting the different activities that are planned throughout the day. As an intern at ACPACYS, you would be expected to participate in various activities that could range from swimming with children to helping organize a special event for the organization. Other activities include art, technology, physical therapy, and planned field trips throughout Córdoba. In the past, students have also assisted in a limited fashion with some physical therapy. Spanish skills are important.

Who: Open to Sophomores with experience, interest, and comfort in working with people with significant physical disabilities. Strong interpersonal and organizational skills. Intermediate or advanced-level Spanish important.

When: May include occasional weekend or evening hours for events. 350 hours (~2 months) between June and August; summer interns work at least 35 hours per week.

How: Please provide the following materials:

  • Cover letter (en español) addressed to Francisco José Luque Peréz, Trabajador Social
  • Resume
  • Unofficial Transcript

Number of Placements: 1-2
Stipend: $4,000; a homestay can be arranged through the Spanish Department’s PRESCHO Program

The premier university in Spain that provides Spanish language and culture instruction to international students. Students have the opportunity to contribute to cultural events hosted by the university and meet global academics in this field.


Where: Universidad Internacional Menéndez y Pelayo (UIMP), is a Spanish public university under the Ministry of Education with campuses throughout the country. This internship is being offered for an opportunity on the Santander campus at the Palacio de la Magdalena (capital of Cantabria) on the northern coast of Spain. The student will be housed at the Las Llamas campus, also in Santander.

Since its foundation in 1932, the UIMP has earned a reputation as being one of the most outstanding institutions of higher education in Spain and is the leader for providing Spanish language and culture instruction to international students. Ranked as one of the most prominent European summer universities, its academic rigor is demonstrated by its quality courses and seminars imparted by recognized specialists and prestigious Spanish professors. Each summer, the university exhibits more than 5,000 students pass through its classrooms. In addition to the academic program, the UIMP also offers a wide variety of cultural activities such as concerts, theater performances, art exhibits, and poetry readings.



UIMP offers a wide selection of graduate degrees (including doctoral studies) and is considered the most prestigious institution of teaching Spanish language and culture to international students.

This internship honors the memory of professor Pedro Salinas, whose vision and hard work were critical to the establishment of this summer university in the early 30’s. He was its first Secretary General, and a member of the Wellesley College Spanish Department from 1936 to 1940.

What: This advanced project is designed for an intern who will work with staff to define and may implement different projects that capitalize on their strengths and interests, as well as the needs of the organization. Please visit the UIMP website for discipline areas offered by the campus. Duties may include: translating into English, light administrative support, logistical support of courses, etc. During the summer, the intern may be assigned projects where they may interact with current graduate students or specialists from many discipline areas. Interns may have the opportunity to attend in conferences, workshops and seminars delivered at UIMP.

Who: Current Juniors with strong communication (written and verbal) and organizational skills with strong command of the Spanish language (necessary for office communication). The ideal intern should demonstrate maturity, autonomy, intellectual curiosity, and good interpersonal skills.

When: May include occasional weekend or evening hours for events. 300 hours (~2 months) between June and September; summer interns work at least 30 hours per week.

How: Please provide the following materials:

  • Cover letter (en español) addressed to la Vicerrectora de Extensión Universitaria, Relaciones Institucionales y Campus de las Llamas, Mar García de los Salmones
  • Unofficial Transcript

Number of Placements: 1

Stipend: $2,000 + the student lives on the UIMP campus in housing covered by Wellesley Career Education