Student Volunteer Driver Approval Process and Van Request Procedure

Groups can request use of Civic Engagement vans for one-time service or community engaged projects. Approval of your request will depend on availability of vans and drivers. You are welcome to have a member of your group cleared to drive, or Civic Engagement will try to provide a pre-cleared student employee driver. Please note that we cannot provide vans for individual travel or for programs outside of our scope of work.

Please email Emily Welden, Program Manager for Civic Engagement, with the following details:

  • The organization(s) you plan to work with, and a description of your project/volunteering
  • The address where your group will be located
  • Is there somebody in your group willing to drive, or will you need CE to provide a driver?
  • Contact information for one professional staff person on site
  • Contact information for one student in the group
  • Time of departure and arrival back on campus