Careers in the Military and Law Enforcement

Nicole D. Park

The majority of law enforcement jobs are US government positions at the federal and state level and therefore are of interest to students interested in public service. The information below focuses on the maintenance of public order and enforcing the law. Please also refer to the “Government” resource page for more information about public service careers outside of military and physical law enforcement.

Study Abroad: Government, International Affairs, Law, & Public Policy Careers

Nicole D. Park

Students interested in careers in government, law, international affairs, and public policy are encouraged to focus on skill development and experience. This is especially important as employers, and graduate programs in this space continue to look for commitment to understanding these industries.  Below please find suggested study abroad experiences that help develop specific skills and experiences to help be competitive in these industries.


Military Pay Technician (GS-5/6/7) at Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS).

Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) - Defense Finance and Accounting Service

Dispatcher (Seasonal) at Oregon Department of Transportation.

Oregon Department of Transportation - Delivery and Operations

Tax Auditor, CHICAGO Office at California Department of Tax & Fee Administration.

California Department of Tax & Fee Administration - Field Operations Department