Curriculum Design

Career paths in curriculum design are wide-ranging, beginning with the variety of terms and job titles you will hear and levels of preparation required (a Bachelor’s degree is required, often a master’s is preferred--or depth of knowledge in the subject). There is often confusion within the occupation surrounding titles. Typically, the role involves development and evaluation of curricular and training materials.

Library Science

Wherever there’s a need for information, there’s a need for a librarian. Libraries have been empowering people by offering resources, services and training to expand their knowledge for thousands of years. According to the American Library Association career resource page there are approximately 400,000 librarians and library workers who bring opportunity every day to the communities they serve.

Careers in Social Services

The term “social services” is a broad umbrella that captures a range of career pathways. In this resource, we will outline those pathways that are focused on mental health and wellness. In addition, although we highlight here some career pathways that are common.

Careers in Nonprofits

While all nonprofits share a commitment to bettering society in some capacity, they are incredibly diverse in terms of size, focus, and type. In the United States alone there are millions of nonprofits ranging from small, community-based organizations, to cultural and educational institutions such as museums, universities and colleges (like Wellesley!) to large foundations supporting causes around the globe.

Careers in Fundraising and Development

A field that often goes unexplored by many students is a career in fundraising and development. These professionals secure the resources and foundations needed to fuel mission-driven nonprofits

Graduate School Preparation Mini-Grants

The Graduate School Preparation Mini-Grants (up to $250) are intended to help students with the costs associated with the graduate school application process. Examples of eligible expenses include:

  • Application fees
  • Transcript fees
  • Test preparation (including test prep courses and test prep books)
  • Test fees (including costs associated with sending test scores to schools)
  • Costs associated with traveling for interviews and program visits

How to Manage a Student Working on a Virtual Project

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Wellesley Career Education

We are so glad you are able to offer a Wellesley student a virtual project. Hive Internship Projects are short-term, virtual experiences that are designed by unbundling long-term internships and separating out individual projects that can be completed remotely. Students benefit from working on a real-world project for an alumna or employer, while your company or organization will gain timely support from students. This resource offers tips and guidance to help you supervise and mentor your student throughout the duration of the project. 

Getting Started in Politics, Advocacy, Government at the Local & National Levels

Nicole D. Park

Local and state government offers students a great opportunity to see how agencies and legislation work on a smaller scale. For students passionate about their state or a particular issue, state politics is a wonderful place to get started! Below, I highlight a few ways to get involved in politics at the local (including at Wellesley!) and state level. In terms of gaining experience at the national level in US politics and policy, DC is the place to go. This document will address finding a range of internships in DC as well tips for networking. We’ll start with the three branches of government, briefly address other government agencies, move to international organizations, and finish with think tanks and nonprofits. For students interested in international affairs and government, intern and/or study abroad to demonstrate your regional expertise and intercultural communication and adaptability skills.   

Applying to Graduate School

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Wellesley Career Education

"Do I want to apply now?" There is no simple way to answer this question because the reasoning is different for each person. This resource will help you to consider if this is the best time for you to apply for graduate school.

Industry Expertise for Alumnae: Education, Nonprofit, and Social Impact

Wellesley Career Education offers personalized advising and industry expertise in the areas of Education, Nonprofit, and Human Services. Visit the page for Education, Nonprofit, and Human Services to learn about careers in highereducation, k12- education, nonprofits, social services, and other related fields.

Application Timelines for Graduate School

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Wellesley Career Education

This resource provides a date-free timeline, to give you an idea of the order of events in an application process. Specific dates and timeframes/timelines can vary greatly by academic program and area of interest.

Standardized Tests for Graduate School Resource

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Wellesley Career Education

Many, if not most, graduate school programs will require standardized test scores as part of the application for admission. Which test you will need to take will vary based on the institution and degree program. This resource will help you to research the programs to which you intend on applying to determine which test(s) will be required.

Preparing to Apply for Graduate School

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Wellesley Career Education

Preparation for grad school can begin any time during or after your time at Wellesley. What is it about graduate school that attracts you? What do you hope to gain by going to graduate school? This resource covers people to meet, how to identify programs, and researching schools.

Graduate Degrees and Program Examples

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Wellesley Career Education

This resource covers key questions to explore when considering a degree and program type, and provide information about:

  • Certificate & Post-Baccalaureate Programs
  • Master’s Programs (MA, MS, MBA, MFA, MEd, etc.)
  • Doctoral Degrees
  • Dual Degree Programs

Introduction to Graduate School

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Wellesley Career Education

Graduate school is an opportunity to examine a field of your choice with more specificity and direction. It gives you the tools you need to succeed in the industry of your choice. Preparation for grad school can begin as early as your first year of college as you begin conversations with your College Career Mentor about how your values, interests, and strengths align with potential fields of study.