Careers in Social Services

Katy Ryan
Katy Ryan

The term “social services” is a broad umbrella that captures a range of career pathways. In this resource, we will outline those pathways that are focused on mental health and wellness. In addition, although we highlight here some career pathways that are common.

“I was thrilled by the idea of pursuing a career in reproductive justice, a personal and extracurricular interest of mine, and decided to explore opportunities related to this profession.”

Department of Religion Summer Opportunities

The Religion Department offers both research and grant opportunities for students pursuing summer experiences:

  • Elisabeth Luce Moore Summer Research Internships in Religion
  • Summer Internship Program in Ministry/Human Services 

Summer Internships in Psychology

Lorraine Hanley ’98

The Summer Internship in Psychology Program was developed to give students the opportunity to gain valuable summer clinical experience to help them make informed career choices.

Working at Riverside Community Care (in Needham, Newton, and Norwood, MA) and The Walker School (Needham, MA), students increase their understanding of the bio-psycho-social model of mental disorders. Interns develop a deeper appreciation of the complex interface between genetic make-up, psychological coping strategies, and the larger socio-cultural forces determining how individuals negotiate the vicissitudes of life.

“Although I am still deep in the throes of being a ‘first year’ teacher, I would not trade my experience for anything.... Teach For America has taught me to be strong, to be critical and to be thankful.”

Jewish Studies Research and Grant Opportunities

The Jewish Studies program offers both research and grant opportunities for students pursuing work related to the interdisciplinary study of Jewish culture and civilization. 

  • Diarna Geo-Museum Internship

Spanish Department Internships

The Spanish Department is pleased to offer several internship opportunities to practice and continue exploring the Spanish and Hispanic languages and culture. For Summer 2021, the Spanish Department has confirmed virtual internships at El Observatorio Instituto Cervantes at Harvard University (Cambridge, MA) and el Museo de Arte de Ponce (Ponce, Puerto Rico).

Due to the continuing pandemic, it is unclear whether the following opportunities will be offered this summer:

  • Asociación de parálisis cerebral y otras afecciones similares, (ACPACYS) (Córdoba, España)
  • Museo de Arte de Ponce (Ponce, Puerto Rico)
  • Universidad Internacional Menéndez y Pelayo (UIMP) (Santander, España)

Wellesley has not determined whether it will resume funding in-person internships this summer; a decision is expected in April. Many organizations are also uncertain whether they are able to host this summer. If, at a later date, an internship at one of these organizations becomes possible, the Spanish Department and Career Education will advertise the opportunity and reopen the application for these sites. 

Davis Projects for Peace (students)

Kate Dailinger
Kate Dailinger

Created in 2007 by Kathryn Wasserman Davis (Wellesley College '28), the Projects for Peace program offers undergraduates and graduating seniors funding to design a grassroots project for the summer of 2022—anywhere in the world — that promotes peace and addresses the root causes of conflict among parties. Projects may employ innovative techniques for engaging project participants in ways that focus on conflict resolution, reconciliation, building understanding and breaking down barriers that cause conflict, and finding ways to resolve conflict and maintain peace. Any current Wellesley student is eligible to apply. Campus application deadline typically in January.