Where to Begin

Beginning Your Career Journey

Where do you begin when you don’t know where to begin with your career path?

We're here to demystify your first steps as you enter the world of work! Begin by assessing the values, skills, and interests you are bringing to your career journey, and considering who is on your personal advisory board.

Get started by watching our Where to Begin video series, and by making an appointment with your College Career Mentor in Handshake.

A Four Part Series: Assess Your Values, Skills, & Interests, and Form Your Personal Advisory Board



Reflecting on and clarifying your values is one way that you can get started thinking about career options. Values are principles and ideas that are of great importance. Values influence the way we interact with the world around us. What values do you bring to your career journey?



What excites you enough to keep you awake at night? What have been your favorite classes, books or movies? How do you like to spend your time? What activities make you happy? Knowing your interests can help you think of career options that will be fun, engaging, and exciting to you.



We break down skills into 6 categories: Analytical skills, management and leadership skills, communication skills, relationship skills, physical and technical skills and creative skills. Have you ever considered which skills you enjoy using the most?


Personal Advisory Board

Have you ever heard the expression "it takes a village?" You’re not alone. Now is the time to start considering who’s on your personal board of advisors. We’re referring to some of the people you trust in your life that you often go to for professional advice and mentorship.