Adrian Huang

Adrian Huang
(781) 283-3987
B.A., Xiantang University; Ph.D., University of California (Los Angeles)

Adrian Huang

Instructor in Chemistry Laboratory

Research areas: inorganic, organic, supramolecular, catalyst, medicinal, and material chemistries.  

My research integrates inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry. The students in my lab develop synthetic methodologies and apply them to synthesize novel molecules, such as catalysts, drugs, and supramolecules. We are especially interested in studying the non-covalent interactions. The non-covalent interactions play important roles in chemical and biological processes, such as catalytic selectivity and drug-receptor affinity.

Prior to Wellesley, I worked as a medicinal chemist at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals and as a polymer researcher at DuPont. During my time spent in drug research, three of my projects entered clinical trials.

I teach Organic Chemistry II, Organic Chemistry I, and Introductory Chemistry Laboratories. I also teach Chem 306_Drug Discovery. 

In my spare time, I enjoy walking in the woods, reading, and playing violin.