Hard at Work

I don't remember hiring that guy....
MHC Graduation 2005 - Amber, Catherine, and Anne
Wedding of Anne Malhowski '05. Bridesmaid Catherine Volle '06 is just to the left of the bride.
The whole group as of October '04: (clockwise from front center) Amy, Amber, Catherine, Beth, Morgan, Aleks, and Anne.
Group in June '06 (left to right): Amy, Jackie, Stephanie, Akriti, and Catherine. Not shown: Sara, Courney, and me. Yes, we wear sweatshirts in the summer here in Massachusetts.
Stephanie, Jackie, Amy, and Catherine at the Biophysical Society National Meeting in Baltimore in March 2007.
Jackie, me, and Missy at Mount Holyoke's 2008 commencement
Summer 2009 (Megan, Kelley, Martha, Elisa, Clare, Phuong. Not shown: Wendy).
Graduation 2010: Phuong and Megan.
Summer 2010: (Emma, Megan, Katie, Belinda, Anne, Raquel, Kelsey, Sara).
Biophysical Society National Meeting, Baltimore, March 2011 (Megan, Belinda, Anne, Emma, Sara, Elisa, Katie).
Belinda and Elisa at their poster, Biophysical Society Meeting 2011
Emma at her poster at the Biophysical Society Meeting 2011
Mount Holyoke Graduation 2011 Belinda, Megan, and Elisa
Summer research requires application of ice cream! Summer 2011 top: Emma G, Belinda bottom: Sarah F., Clare, Erika, Sara B
Laser Tag, Jan 2012 (team DNA=purple; team Bdello =blue)
Who doesn't need ice cream and arc welding?
Katie, Emma H, Kelsey, Raquel, Clare, Leah, Diana, Veronika January 2012
Who doesn't love a 2 meter-long column?
Wellesley research group, summer 2014
Megan and Lucia, Commencement 2017
Asriel's family visiting her poster, summer 2016
Megan, Maggie, and Sally SF, commencement 2017
Megan's door, 2017
Science Center Senior Breakfast, Commencement 2017. Maggie poses with her awesome Chem/Biochem profs.
Mother's Day 2017 with lab members past, present, and future? Top: Grace, Sarah, Sally, Liana, Maggie, Leah. Bottom: BJ, Megan, Asriel, Emily, Ella.
Maggie, Megan, and Leah at the 2017 Chemistry Senior Dinner.
Research group Summer 2017: Megan, Sarah, Loiselle, Asriel, Amelia