Research Opportunities

Students play a leading role investigating novel research questions when working with Chemistry faculty members.

Shoshana Bachman and Professor David Haines in the lab

Working on research gives students an opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge and investigate novel questions. Many Wellesley students are actively engaged in research during their time at the college, whether doing research for credit, through a paid program or as a volunteer. Many Chemistry seniors also complete a thesis project as a capstone experience to their major.

There is no "right" time to get involved in research. Although the majority of students begin research sometime during the sophomore or junior year, others have had excellent experiences joining a lab as early as the first year or as late as their senior year. 

If you are a current student interested in becoming involved in research, we suggest the following:

Learn more about potential projects with Chemistry Department faculty by exploring our faculty profiles and websites.

- Get in touch with faculty members to discuss potential research opportunities in their labs.

- If you are interseted in getting started on research with a Chemistry faculty memer during the academic year, you can complete our Chemistry Research Intent Form. Students interested in beginning research during the summer should apply through the Science Center.

While there is no deadline to apply for research during the academic year, your chances of finding a lab are best if you submit this form in the semester ahead of when you wish to start (e.g. submitting during the middle of Fall semester 2021 to begin in Spring semester 2022.).