Why study chemistry?

Image of students in an organic chemistry lab

Why study Chemistry?


Look around you - chemistry is involved in everything you see, and chemistry provides us with possible solutions to some of our most pressing environmental, social, and political problems. Chemistry is at the core of the search for alternative energy sources, for alternatives to ozone destroying materials, as well as the quest for new drugs capable of dealing with emerging diseases. The rapidly developing field of "Green Chemistry" promises a future with dramatically reduced chemical wastes and exposure of workers and consumers to harmful substances.


Because of its broad applicability to myriad problems, diverse job opportunities exist for chemistry majors. Certainly, some chemistry graduates work as researchers in academic, government or industry labs. But many others find that the combination of molecular understanding, approaches to solving complex problems and communication skills developed in their study of chemistry are applicable to a variety of pursuits. For example, chemistry graduates are involved with careers in education, health professions, public health, art conservation, law, business management and finance.