Why Wellesley Chemistry?

Why study chemistry at Wellesley?


The Wellesley Chemistry Department seeks to create a supportive and collaborative intellectual community, where students and faculty can discover and share the joys of doing chemistry.  Our department offers a vibrant, multifaceted approach to the discipline that offers students an intensive program in the context of an outstanding liberal arts education.  


Because we see research as an essential component of our mission, we are the only department at the College to require research for the major. We feel that research experiences are critical in students’ development as scientists, and many students find independent research to be one of the most personally fulfilling aspects of their undergraduate education. Through publications and presentations at scientific meetings, student research in chemistry has an impact on the progress of science beyond Wellesley.


In keeping with the College’s mission, we also see chemistry as situated firmly within the liberal arts. We understand and embrace the idea that majoring in chemistry at a liberal arts college is different from “training” to be a chemist and fervently believe that our discipline is enriched by our students engagement throughout the curriculum. Several chemistry faculty members are actively involved in interdisciplinary programs and participate in college-wide initiatives, such as the First Year Seminar Program, the Maurer Public Speaking Program and the Calderwood Program in Public Writing.