Tracing the Origins of Art - Michael Chazan 10/6/21

Tracing the Origins of Art - Michael Chazen

The AIA-Boston Society is pleased to host this online presentation by Professor Michael Chazan, University of Toronto.

 5 pm EST via Zoom -  Register here.

The presentation will explore the emergence of creative expression in the archaeological record. The topics covered will include the earliest known symbolic artifacts from sites in southern Africa and the explosion in symbolic artifacts found at the outset of the European Upper Paleolithic. The lecturer’s research at the site of Wonderwerk Cave, South Africa provides an opportunity to consider the deepest roots of the artistic impulse. The wealth of recent archaeological discoveries provides an opportunity to consider human origins from a new perspective, and also raises intriguing questions about the nature of artistic expression.

Banner image: Fieldwork at Wonderwerk Cave in South Africa provides archaeological context for animal images painted on the walls.


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