Past Honors Theses

Honors Theses (1999 - 2013)

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Facinus, quos inquinat, aequat: The Mutinies of Lucan's Bellum civile
by Carolyn Tobin (May 2013)

Etrusco-Corithian Pottery in the Archaic West: an Evaluation of Fineware Exchange and Etruscan Age
by Haley E. Bertram (May 2013)

Fires, Façades, and Empty Metaphors: Staging Euripides' Orestes
by Megan Wilson (May 2013)

Conflicting Desires and Unstable Identities: Tensions in the Greek Symposium
by Julia Burns (May 2013)

The Diffsuion of Luxury in Ancient Rome: An Analysis of Funerary Practices During the Late Republic and Early Empire

by Mannat Johal (May 2012)

Satire, Social Identity, and Classical Tradition: Paideia in Lucian
by Lynn Gallogly (May 2012)

The evolution of Athenian ideals of leadership over the course of the Peloponnesian War
by Morhan Tybal (May 2009)

Seeking “Originary Moments”: Vergil’s Trojan “Stoon” and the fractured reception tradition of Dido and Aeneas
by Kristin Knox (May 2007)

Virtuous Viragos: The Gender Boundary in Livy
by Vera Hannush (May 2005)

‘I am New, I Seek the Consulship, This is Rome’: Aspects of Cicero’s Self Representation
by Alanna Clair (May 2005)

The Honor of Restraint: Lessons from Ancient Greece about Helping Friends and Hurting Enemies
by Lauren Brownlee (May 2005)

The Story of the Tyrannicides: Sex and Danger in the Athenian Democratic Imagination
by Corinne Gentilesco (May 2004)

Maphaeus Vegius’ Supplement to the “Twelfth Book of the Aeneid”: A Renaissance Continuation of an Old Favorite
By Joanna Theiss (May 2004)

De Suo: The Mosaics and the Statuary of the Piazzale delle Corporazioni and their Social Implications
by Katherine Alcauskas (May 2004)

‘Electra’ in Translation and Performance
by Heather Boas (May 2003)

Depictions of Helen of Troy in Greek Literature and Vase Painting
by Holly-Leigh Pitts (December 2002)

Not 'Mere Bellies': Poetry, Politics, and Pastoralism in Ancient Greece
by Amanda Freeman (May 2002)

The individual and community in Epicurean philosophy

by Susannah Eastlake-Wade (May 1999)