Why Classical Studies at Wellesley?


At Wellesley, our Classical Studies program is such a wide ranging interdisciplinary field that it can stand alone as a dynamic and challenging major or can complement almost any other major. Combined with our strong liberal arts education, our students have continued on to successful paths and careers in areas such as languages and literature, archeology, inscriptions, history, art history, politics, law, science, philosophy, religion and mythology (see https://www.wellesley.edu/classical/alumnae-spotlights ).


Thanks to generous support from alumnae and faculty, Classical Studies is able to provide grants and scholarships to help students participate in research, travel and study.  Students have the opportunity to study abroad for a semester or an entire year, exploring the society, architecture, and language of Ancient Greece and Rome.

Wellesley students frequently cite the excellence of our faculty as a core component of our transformational learning environment. Wellesley fosters an academic culture that emphasizes teaching supported by personalized advising. Students are able to gain a broader perspective and deeper understanding of the classics and of the world in general as they participate and engage in multiple projects, events, and other meaningful programs and activities both within and beyond class.