Update CLCE Committee Fall Letter 2015 Coming Soon


Letter regarding Classroom Lecture Funds and Departmental Funds:

Dear Faculty Colleagues,

We are writing to let you know that there will be a year’s delay in any changes to the way that CLCE funds are distributed to departments and programs. Last year’s CLCE voted to consolidate department funding in order to streamline the application process for classroom and general department and program funds, but the implementation of this decision has turned out to be more complicated than anticipated, and the communication of the decision has raised many questions and concerns. While we support the general plan of consolidating funds, it seems prudent to let the 2015-16 CLCE (there is significant turnover this year on the committee) take some time at the beginning of the academic year to work out the details and discuss proposed changes with relevant groups, including Academic Council. We expect that a new way of distributing funds will begin in academic year 2016-17, so all programs and departments should be on notice now that changes will be communicated over the course of the upcoming academic year, to give time for planning.

We also want to reassure everyone that proposed changes in the way that funds are distributed to departments are not part of a budget-cutting exercise. CLCE has been eager to give departments more autonomy over their funds and to streamline the process of accessing those funds. It is also hoped that locating decisions about scheduling events more closely at the department level can be part of addressing the significant problem of overscheduling events, many of which garner very small audiences. These are all goals that the 2015-16 CLCE will be considering.

In short, there will be no change in 2015-16 in the procedures that faculty in departments and programs follow to apply for either department lecture funds or classroom funds. Department funds will remain as in the past at $1,000 per department, with transfer of funds arranged in May. ​C​lassroom lecture funds will remain the same,​ at $500 per year per faculty member, with the 3 required forms available on the CLCE website. ​

The suspension of Wellesley Wednesdays, also voted by the 2014-15 CLCE, remains in effect. 

Thank you for your patience as we have been working through these details.

Ann Velenchik, Dean of Academic Affairs

Cappy Lynch, Dean of Faculty Affairs