Classroom Lecture Funding Application

Classroom Lecture Funding- Application

Classroom Lecture Funding for 2016/17 Academic Year 

Classroom Lecture Funds Application Information:

Please fill out: 1) Classroom Lecture Application 2) Check Request 3) Signed New Vendor Form for Funding and send hard copies by Interoffice Mail to Susan Lange, Provost Office, Green Hall Room 348, for processing.  Please note that it can take 3+ weeks to process a check for the lecturer so please plan ahead.  Electronic Copies will not be accepted and incomplete forms will be returned.

New Vendor Form:                                                                                                                                      

Per requirements of the Federal IRS and the Wellesley College Controller's Office, the lecturer must complete the Controller's Accounts Payable Questionnaire/New Vendor Form which is available on line through their web site: Controller's Office (click on forms). *A new vendor form is only needed for New Vendors.   The only time you would submit a new form for a vendor that is already in our system is if the persons tax status has changed (name change, marital status).

Please note: if your guest is a non-U.S. citizen additional IRS forms are required.  For non-U.S. citizens please send an email to Dorothy A. Koulalis in the controllers office the lecturer's full name (including middle name), email address, date of lecture and the amount.  Dorothy will send the international form directly to the lecturer.  A New Vendor form is not required for non- U.S. citizens.

A request for payment will not be processed until all required forms are in hand; please be sure to send in all three forms together.  We will not accept electronic versions of forms.

Faculty members may have no more than two classroom lectures per academic year. The total cost of both lectures may not exceed $500.  This allotment may not be paid to anyone on the Wellesley College payroll (i.e., staff or faculty). Any other division of this money may be determined by the faculty member, as long as the total does not exceed the $500 allotment.

Due to the limited amount of funds available, faculty members must submit classroom lecture fund applications in advance of lectures to be sure that there are still funds available. Applications will not be processed after the lectures occur.

*The Committee cannot approve funds for events that have already taken place.

2017 Application for Classroom Lecture Funds (includes New Vendor Form)

Check Request Form (Please Do Not Send as a PDF)