Departmental Wilson Grants

Departmental & Program Funds:  2016-2017

(Please note that the procedure for these funds has changed this year.)

Each academic department and certain programs that have requested funding at least once during the past three years will automatically be given $1,000 at the start of the 2016-2017 academic year.  These funds are to support their internal cultural events and lecture programs.

If you have not received funding by September 30, please send your department/program FOPAL number to Jean Bae at  Please send a full number; no XXXX’s will be accepted.  Once we receive your full FOPAL, you will receive a copy of the journal entry when it is submitted to the Controller’s Office.

(Update 10/4/16: The departmental journal entry has been submitted.  Please let Jean Bae know if you do not receive your departmental/program award within a reasonable period of time.)