Monthly Close

Monthly Closing Policy

Timing of Closing

  1. Generally, a notice of month closing will be posted by the1st business day after the 15th for the closing of the prior month.
  2. Closing notices will be posted on the Faculty/Staff Conference and emailed to individuals who have signed up for the Controller's Office mail list.
  3. We do not recommend running budget to actual reports prior to these announcements.
  4. Please note the closing of the month of June, July and August are delayed due to the timing and procedures of annual external audit and the rolling forward of budget reports.


Departmental Journal Entries

  1. Journal entries received from departments will be posted for the prior month if received by the Controller’s Office within the first 10 business days of the month.
  2. For entries submitted during this time frame, please be sure to indicate transaction date. If no date is indicated, the journal entry the transaction date will be the date the journal entry is posted to the system.
  3. Please refer policies and procedures related to journal entry forms.


Departmental Deposits

Cash and check deposits must be received by 12 noon the last day business day of the month for entry into current month. Deposits received after 12 noon will be included in next month’s activity.