Cash Receipts

Please come into the Controller's Office for all cashiering needs.

The depository box to the right of the Cashier’s Window is always available for deposits.


Departmental Cash Receipt Policy


Departments receive cash or checks for a variety of different transactions. Audit guidelines require proper internal control when handling cash receipts. Department managers are responsible for implementing an internal control system that ensures the following:

  1. Proper segregation of duties where one individual is not responsible for both the billing and collection of cash.

  2. Security procedures – The cash or check must be locked and in a secure environment.

  3. The Department manager reviews the financial reports to ensure that the cash is deposited to Wellesley’s bank account and recorded properly in the Workday system.

The departmental internal control procedure should be documented and is subject to review by the College’s external auditors. 

Cash or checks must be submitted for deposit with the Controller’s Office in a timely manner. It is not necessary to wait for the collection of multiple checks to create a deposit. Departments are responsible for the deposit of cash and checks no less than once per week. When receipts are infrequent, deposits of a nominal amount ($50.00 or less) may be made less frequently, but no less than every two weeks.


Departmental deposits should be made by completing a Deposit Form.

This form must include a description of deposit, contact information, and Worktags. The Deposit form, along with the cash and/or checks, should be brought to the Controller’s Office for deposit. Inter-office mail is acceptable for checks but under no circumstance should cash be forwarded via inter-office mail.

Generally, the deposit will be recorded to Workday within 3 business days. It is recommended that you check Workday to ensure that the receipt was posted to the correct account.