Paying a Non-Resident Alien


This policy covers the payment to an individual who is a Non Resident Alien or Foreign National. The College's ability to pay the individual and determine his/her tax status depends upon various immigration information. The information is provided by the individual electronically under the College's Foreign National Information System (FNIS).

FNIS is a system used to gather visa and other various information. The individual will log into the system over the web based upon a user name and password provided by the Controller's Office and submit it for review. Based upon the information provided, the system will determine whether the College may pay this individual under his/her certain visa type and will need to withhold any taxes. The department is responsible for ensuring that the individual completes the information in the FNIS system before requesting payment.

All requests for payments must be also follow the policy on Paying Individuals for Service.


Before requesting payment to a Non Resident Alien or Foreign National, the department should forward an email to Dotti Koulalis in the Controller's Office ( requesting that the FNIS form should be emailed to the individual. The department should provide Dotti with the email address of the individual.

The Controller's Office will forward a user name and password for the individual to log into the web under FNIS and complete the required information. After the information has been received, FNIS will determine whether the College:
  1. May pay the invidual under his/her visa type.
  2. Will need to withhold taxes.
Once the Controller's Office has determined that the individual may be payed, the appropriate tax forms will be forwarded to the department so that the signature of the Non Resident Alien or Foreign National may be obtained. The signed forms should be returned to the Controller's Office before any payment request may be made. The Controller's Office will get back to you for the paymennt processing.
Please allow 7-10 business days for invoice processing.