Cashier's Window

Please come into the Controller's Office for all cashiering needs.

The depository box to the right of the Cashier’s Window is always available for deposits.

The following transactions are handled at the Controller's Office:
  1. Departmental Deposits
  2. Payments on Student Accounts

For all deposits, you will be given a receipt. You should keep the receipt as evidence that cash/deposit was received by the Controller’s office.

Departmental deposits will be recorded in Workday within 3 business days. It is recommended that you check Workday to ensure that the receipt was posted to the correct account.

Student deposits will be posted to the student’s account within 1 business day. An ID is required for all student cash payments greater than $500. Workday may not be used to satisfy this requirement. Acceptable forms of identification include driver's license, passport, or state issued identification card.



Departmental Deposits
  1. To make a departmental deposit, please include a completed Cashier Deposit Form with your deposit.
  2. To ensure that your department is credited for the transaction, it is important to print the complete worktags on the form.


Pick up of Rush Checks
  1. Please contact Accounts Payable to see if your rush check is ready and inform them of who will be picking up the check, yourself or another individual.
  2. The person identified to pick up the check must come to the Cashier’s Window with an ID.


Payment of Student Accounts
  1. Cash or check payments for credit to a student’s account should be made with a remittance advice or a Student Account Deposit Form.
  2. A Student ID is required for proper crediting to the student's account.