2017 W-2s



W-2s Online!

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It is recommended that you consent to obtain your own W-2 through Banner self-service. If you consent to receive the W-2 electronically, you can easily view and print your own W-2 online the moment they are ready.  No need to wait for the paper to be processed and mailed to you.  

Set your consent today:
MyWellesley> Employee/Faculty Services Tab> Banner Self-Service > Employee Services > Tax Forms > W-2 Consent
Check the My Choice box and click Submit button.

That easy!  Save a tree, save postage, and do it today.


2016 Details

The official 2016 W-2 will be mailed out the last week of January 2017 to all employees who did not sign the electronic W-2 consent form. Your official W-2 was sent to your mailing address in Banner. 

You can view your W-2 information on the MyWellesley Portal using the following instructions:
  1. Login to MyWellesley with your Domain Username and Password,
  2. Go to the Employment Services Tab
  3. In the center column, click on Banner Self-Service
  4. Click on Employee Services
  5. Click on W-2 Consent
  6. If you have not already done so, click on consent to receive W-2 electronically
  7. Click on Return to Tax Forms Menu
  8. Click on W-2 Year End Earnings Statement
  9. Select the tax year and click on display
  10. You should now be able to view your W-2
  11. To print your W-2, scroll down and click on Printable W-2 bar

Note that the above will provide you with information about your W-2. You can use this version for tax filings.

If you have other questions, please call the Payroll Office at 781.283.2797, or email Payroll_Office@wellesley.edu.