Online Requests

Online Request Form (suggested)

Please fill out this Google Form, while logged into your Wellesley account, to submit your job request. If you have any questions, contact the Copy Center at or 781-283-2395.

On Google

You can still use the PDF or Excel form if you wish.

Here are some instructions for how to download these forms. These instructions are very important so please read through them to ensure your job will be done correctly. When you have your form filled out, attach it along with the file you want printed, and send it to (under the name Copy Center Requests in the directory).

For Mac Users

Download the PDF HERE. Open the PDF form in Preview, fill it out and save it. Click "File" --> "Print" as if you were going to print it. In the print window click "PDF" on the bottom and "Save as PDF" (this will save it as a flat image). If you prefer excel, follow the PC instructions below (the instructions are slightly less complicated). Warning: If you send us the form without flattening it, we may not be able to read it.

For PC Users

Download the excel document HERE, fill it out and save it as a PDF (this will save it as a flat image). Please don't send us the excel file, our computers are very slow.

Thank you for your patience during this period of transition.