Questions about MFD? Read our FAQs!

Where is the information for my machine ID#?

The machine ID# is on the sticker in front of your copier under Conway and the bar code. It begins with a (W)

When trying to print from my MAC laptop/computer I keep receiving a message “Hold for authentication”. I’m not able to print, what do I do?
Press at the same time your command+space bar, type keychain within the search, click password on the left
side, locate the printer you are trying to print to on the right, press control and click with the mouse at the same
time onto the selected printer, click delete. Proceed with trying to print.
Note: When enter your username and password you must enter your Wellesley Credentials.


What do I do with the old toner bottles and how do I recycle the toner?
Place the spent toner bottle in the replacement toner box. You can bring the spent toner to the Copy Center, or
you can place it in campus mail. The Copy Center is in in Green Hall, located on the first floor near the loading dock. If you send it through the mail, place it with your local mail at your designated mail pick up stop. The Wellesley College mail courier will pick up the toner and deliver it to the distribution center. Conway Services will then recycle the toner.
How do I order toner or staples?
When at 20% your MFD will auto generate an order to Conway to replenish the toner. Staples can be ordered
through Conway Services at 603.689.2296
Can I change my own toner or staple unit?
Yes, by following the instructions on the digital panel on the copier. If you need any assistance, call extension
How can I add contacts to my favorites within my copier?
You can email Jill Little an excel file with the first, last name and email address of all the contacts you would like to have added to your favorites.