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In preparation for the return to campus, Facilities Management has conducted a building-by-building assessment of air circulation and ensured that our ventilation systems in key shared spaces, such as classrooms, meeting rooms, and common areas, comply with guidance from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). The College has also installed COVID-19 signage to communicate maximum room capacities, directional information, and public health safety information for common spaces and classrooms throughout campus. The campus remains closed to the public.

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Building access

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If you have been designated to come to campus, you must have signed the COVID-19 acknowledgement form, completed training, and completed the Daily Health Check for that day to be assured of swipe access.

Buildings that have swipe access are only accessible via OneCard. Community members should carry their OneCards with them at all times.

Starting on August 21, faculty and staff working remotely no longer have access to campus buildings. College employees who have not been designated to come to campus will not have access to campus buildings except with approval from the Office of the Provost or their managers; however, all employees are welcome in outdoor campus spaces. 

In addition, access has changed for the following: 

  • Starting September 14, the KSC will be open to on-campus students and PERA staff. 
  • Updated Davis Museum hours for Wellesley campus community members will be announced this fall.
  • The path around Lake Waban is closed to the public as is all of campus. Wellesley College community members with their OneCard are welcome to walk the campus and all Wellesley-owned portions of the lake path, but should turn around when they reach the locked gate at the Hunnewell estate.

Reserving space on campus

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To protect everyone in our community, faculty office hours and other smaller meetings hosted by staff and faculty should take place virtually when possible. In the event that an in-person meeting is necessary, faculty and staff may reserve the unused Fall 2020 classrooms using Google calendar. The rooms are large enough to ensure that physical distancing can be maintained during the meeting. 

For all other space reservations, please use 25Live. The new physical distancing default capacities are programmed to guide you. Contact your scheduling office with any questions.

With the exception of a handful of classrooms that have been carefully marked for physical distancing, the attendance capacity for a gathering in any indoor space is 10 people; for outdoor gatherings, the number of attendees is limited to 25. 

Remember: please maintain physical distance, wear your mask, and wipe down common areas and equipment before and after use.

Public access

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At this time, no outside visitors are permitted on campus and the campus remains closed to the public. 

Campus buildings and facilities are only open to students living on campus and faculty and staff approved to work on campus. All athletics facilities—indoor and outdoor, including the track, fields, and tennis courts—are closed to the public. Only Wellesley College-registered vehicles are permitted to park in campus parking lots. 

Wellesley police are limiting parking along Route 135, Route 16, and Pond Road. For the security of everyone on College grounds, Campus Police will ask that any visitors they encounter on campus to leave immediately.


Dining to go

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Sandwiches and salads are available to go at the Emporium. All orders need to be placed in advance by completing the digital order form. Please email completed forms to or by 9 a.m. Payment will be made at the time of pick up at the Emporium.

Looking for a cup of Starbucks coffee? The Emporium will have coffee available for purchase Monday–Friday, 8–10 a.m. Specialty coffees are not currently available at this time to allow for physical distancing.

Mail services

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Academic and administrative departments have two options regarding departmental mail delivery:

  1. Departmental mail may be held in Mail Services at the Distribution Center. Pick-up hours are from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  2. Departmental mail can be delivered to the usual mail delivery location for your department on the usual schedule.

Printing and copy services

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This fall, the Copy Center has a new home in the Copy and Printing Services department, located in the Distribution Center. This move completes the operational and physical merger of the Copy Center and Printing Services.

There are three methods for submitting a copy or print job:

  1. Submit a request online by going to the Copy Center website and submitting the Online Request Form.
  2. Email your file to
  3. Drop off your file with us at the Distribution Center.

You may also leave your books or hard copy originals in the pick up box inside the loading dock area, just outside the former Copy Center location in Green Hall. Please leave your items by 9 a.m. or noon weekdays for pick-up. Order request forms will be there for you to provide specific instructions.

Delivery or pick-up

Copy and Printing Services will deliver completed jobs to campus departments. Alternatively, you may pick up your completed jobs at the entry area at the Copy and Printing Services department at the Distribution Center. Sensitive materials will receive special handling.

Copy and print services staff

Copy and printing services staff are available to meet to provide guidance for your jobs and projects, either by Zoom or in person, following the necessary COVID-19 safety protocols. Students are also welcome to have their print and copy projects completed at the Distribution Center.

Safety signage

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New signage has been posted in common spaces and classrooms throughout campus providing important information regarding health and safety, maximum room capacity, and directional instructions.  

As employees return to campus, please review the signage we have installed in or near your area. If you think your space could benefit from additional signage beyond what has already been installed, please review the following options:

  1. Location/department-specific instructional signs. For signs that are specific to your location (i.e. signs that are not general directional or health messages), please feel free to use these templates to create customized messaging.
  2. Additional copies of the existing signs. Printer-friendly files of many of these signs are available for download and can be printed on your departmental Xerox MFD. We recommend in-office printing for 10 copies or fewer. If you need more than 10 copies, please coordinate printing with Rick Bourque in Collegiate Press. Please only request existing designs from Rick using the item numbers included on the menu. Individual departments are responsible for associated printing costs for any additional signs.
  3. New signs. Communications & Public Affairs has created a form to request new sign designs. Before placing a request for a new sign, please consult the signage menu to see if there is an existing sign that can meet your needs. All sign requests will be evaluated by EH&S and Facilities before approval. If you want to request more than three new designs, please email instead of using the form.

Cleaning protocols and PPE supplies

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The Facilities Management department is overseeing enhanced disinfecting and cleaning protocols, including more frequent cleaning of bathrooms, classrooms, and high-touch surfaces. 

Ordering cleaning supplies

If you need more cleaning supplies, department managers or administrators should submit a work order through the service request button on the Facilities website. Orders will be reviewed and could be changed due to limited quantities available. You will be contacted when the order is ready for pick up at the Distribution Center loading dock.

At this time, many COVID-19 safety supplies are available to departments free of charge. Other items are available for specific purposes and departments, such as face shields for those working with chemicals, lip reading masks, and disinfectant. Please contact if you have any questions about the supplies you are eligible for or the process for obtaining them.

Air circulation

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ASHRAE’s guidelines state that, where feasible, buildings should provide three to four air changes per hour with 100 percent outside air. We will be able to meet these guidelines, which are more stringent than the guidance from the CDC and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Facilities will continue to inspect and evaluate our ventilation systems throughout the semester.