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Many faculty and staff will be working remotely this year, while others will be coming to campus regularly to teach and support students and to support operations on campus. COVID-19 has imposed unforeseen challenges upon the work and family lives of our faculty and staff. We have accordingly put health resources and safety protocols in place to support and protect the well-being of our community.

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Return to campus checklist

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All faculty and staff teaching and working on campus must log in to the Fall 2020 Documentation Toolbox and complete the following steps:

  • Sign the COVID-19 Acknowledgment form which confirms that all employees agree to follow the College’s health and safety protocols. 
  • Attend a COVID-19 safety training or complete the recorded module on your own.
  • Each day, complete the Daily Health Check app. Faculty and staff who report symptoms should stay home and not come to campus for work. Staff should alert their manager regarding their absence, and faculty should alert their department chair if course coverage is an immediate concern. Notification that an employee is “not cleared to work” will be provided confidentially by the app to a nurse with the Operational and Environmental Health Network (OEHN) who is contracted by Wellesley and will reach out to discuss if you should see your primary care physician or seek symptomatic testing. You should not go to asymptomatic testing on campus if you have symptoms.
  • Save the phone number for the College’s trained contact tracers in your phone: 781.474.0383. It is imperative that you answer your phone if they call you to determine if you have been exposed.
  • Additional information is available in the Toolbox for faculty and staff designated to participate in the asymptomatic testing program.

So that everyone is aware of the health and safety protocols, we are asking all employees—including those working remotely—to login to the Toolbox to complete the Acknowledgement form and training.

Visiting campus

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Limiting the number of people on campus is one of the pillars of our health and safety strategy. Only faculty and staff who have been designated to work on campus have access to campus buildings and facilities. Faculty or staff who are not in this group will need to receive permission to come to campus from the Provost’s office (faculty) or their manager (staff).

The campus is closed to the public. No visitors or guests are permitted outside or permitted into any campus building. Faculty members are asked not to bring guest lecturers to campus but instead have them participate in virtual Zoom conversations. Faculty and staff are not permitted to bring any guests to campus, with the exception of immediate family members in the outdoor areas of campus. Everyone on campus should be prepared to be asked to show Wellesley OneCard or attest to College-affiliation by Campus Police.

Bringing vendors to campus

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We want to ensure that our vendors/contractors who come on campus are compliant with our health and safety protocols. Vendors will need to:

  • understand and acknowledge the College's health and safety protocols
  • confirm that they are symptom free/COVID-19 free before coming on campus
  • confirm they have not had any recent exposures before coming on campus
  • provide the College with documentation of their name, contact information, and day/time/location they will be on campus (for contact tracing purposes)
  • provide the name of their contact at Wellesley College

If you plan to bring external vendors or contractors to campus, please review the process map and embedded links to determine how to incorporate this process into your workflow.

Notification of testing or exposure

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If you are on campus, we ask that you notify the College if you have been or plan to be tested for COVID-19 for symptom-related reasons. In these cases, we will support and work with you to consider whether you have had significant contact with people who might need to be quarantined while you await test results.

Please notify the College through this form if any of the scenarios below apply to you:

  • You are receiving a symptomatic test for COVID-19.
  • You have been notified by a local or state health department of a known or potential exposure to COVID-19.
  • You learn that you or your cohabitant(s) have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.


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All College-sponsored travel remains suspended until further notice and personal travel is strongly discouraged. If employees who are authorized to come to campus need to travel out of state (except for regular commuters), they should complete the travel tracker upon returning home.

In addition, any member of the faculty or staff who travel out of state or out of the country will not be allowed to come to campus for 14 days upon return, regardless of where they travel. If work is able to be conducted remotely, that is an option for faculty and staff during this period with permission from one’s manager. These guidelines are stricter than the current Massachusetts guidelines and reflect our continued efforts to secure the Wellesley “bubble” to protect the health and safety of our community.

Human Resources

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Check out these resources on working remotely and managing a partially remote workforce, and resources for employees caring for children and adults.

Community support

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Wellesley has created two ways to support your colleagues during this time: