The Stone Center Counseling Service

Our Mission

The Stone Center Counseling Service fosters student's psychological resiliency and capacity to change. We support students by working collaboratively and relationally, being mindful of their diverse needs and backgrounds, encouraging self-reflection and self-acceptance. We offer students a continuum of counseling services that promote wellness, balance, acceptance of self, and connection to others.  We provide an array of developmental and mental health services and build partnerships to raise awareness and educate about emotional well-being.

We train and supervise graduate students in the field of college mental health.  We take a multidisciplinary, feminist approach, informed by the Relational Cultural Theory as well as other theories and techniques.

Services include:

  • Individual and group counseling and psychotherapy
  • Education, training and outreach
  • Consultation and advocacy
  • Crisis management, emergency services and intervention
  • Training and supervision for graduate students in the field of mental health

About Stone Center Counseling Services




If you have general questions, please feel free to call (781)283-2839, Monday thru Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm, or email Robin Cook-Nobles, Director, at  Please remember email is not a secure form of communication and is not appropriate for urgent or emergency situations, or for scheduling appointments.  Students can send more secure messages through the Student Portal when communicating with their counselors.


Confidentiality: No information will be released without the student's explicit knowledge or written consent, within the guidelines of professional ethics and legal principles, including to parents or other college staff or administrators.  See Your Rights and Responsibilities for further details.