Student Portal

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The Student Health Portal is the Wellesley College Online Portal for Counseling Services.

The Student Portal is a secure student portal that can be accessed by any computer with internet connectivity. You can log into the portal by using your Wellesley College domain name and password. Links to the Student Portal are on the Counseling Service home page, as well as in email notifications when you have been sent a secure message.

As with any other personal idenitifying information on the internet, always log out of the Student Portal and close your internet browser when you are done using the portal to ensure your medical information remains confidential. 

The portal cannot be used to schedule an intake appointment, a medication appointment, a referral or study abroad appointment, an emergency appointment, or to schedule or reschedule an ongoing appointment, you must call (781)283-2839 or stop by the office Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm. However, students can view and cancel upcoming appointments through the portal.  

The following counseling services are accessible through the student portal:


Secure Messaging

Students can message a counseling provider in a secure and confidential way online via the student portal. Secure messages become a permanent part of your Counseling record. Secure messages are not continually monitored.  Please do not send urgent concerns via secure messaging. For urgent matters, call the Stone Center Counseling Office (781)283-2839 or Campus Police (781)283-5555.

Online Scheduling of Immediate Counseling Support Appointments

Immediate Counseling Support are half-hour appointments, intended as a way to access a counselor when time-sensitive matters are pressing. We offer approximately 3 slots each day and these become available 48 hours time in advance of the appointment time. Most of our counseling sessions are 50 minutes and are scheduled by calling or stopping by the office.

Students can self-schedule Immediate Counseling Support, half-hour appointments, via the Student PortalPlease arrive about 10 minutes before your time slot to complete initial paperwork, if possible. There is also an emergency clinician available each day by calling the office, (781)283-2839. 

Only Immediate Counseling Support appointments can be scheduled online via the portal. You must call (781)283-2839 or stop by the office Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm for all other appointments.