Senior Summit

CS Senior Summit


As a precondition for graduation, the CS department requires each senior to demonstrate their skill at learning and presenting a technical topic to fellow students. This will typically consist of presenting a poster during the CS Senior Summit that is scheduled each spring.

Each student will be assigned a faculty advisor who can offer advice on choosing a topic and preparing a poster.

Poster topics vary according to the student’s interest, but each poster should represent new knowledge, in the computing field, that the student has acquired independently. Topics eligible for posters include:

  • A summer research or internship experience

  • An independent study experience

  • An independent project performed on or off campus

  • A course project that encompassed a great deal of independent work

  • Some other topic of the student's choice

A student can re-use an older poster, given the following:

  • It is not more than a year or two old

  • It addresses the general CS population


Note that posters designed for a course project will need to be re-written for a different audience. The audience for senior posters is your fellow students, meaning people who are generally knowledgeable about computer science, but don't know the content of the course the project was for.

If you are still unsure of what to present, or if you have any questions, please contact your advisor directly.

Past Senior Posters


Posters from the class of 2017 are available to those with a Wellesley account.

Posters from the class of 2014: