Ada Lerner

Ada Lerner
(781) 283-3558
Computer Science
B.A., Amherst College; M.S., Ph.D., University of Washington
Science E120

Ada Lerner

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

I study computer security and privacy, and especially their interactions with social systems, the law, and human needs.

Areas of my research include usable security and privacy, web tracking, the security and privacy needs of underprivileged groups, the design and implementation of new secure and privacy preserving systems, and measurements of the web and the Internet. I like to measure things and talk to people to figure out what they need, then build those things.

I love teaching in all parts of the computer science curriculum, with a special interest in the areas around systems, networks, and of course, computer security and privacy.

My professional interests include diversity and inclusion in computer science.

My personal interests include board games, roleplaying games, rock climbing, photography, softball, ping pong, fiber arts, puzzles, gardening, cooking, and my excellent cat.