Research Projects at the Child Study Center 2004-2005

Title, Researcher(s), Professor, Course

Fall 2004

“Children’s Use of Intentions to Identify Drawings,” Class Project, Laura Wagner, Psych 207R

“The Effects of Exposure to Fantasy Materials on Pretend Play,” Elanna Levine and Emily Newberg, Laura Wagner, Psych 207R

“I don’t Know…That’s a Tricky One: The Understanding of Truth and Falsehood, Motivations and Consequences in Young Children,” Amanda Lui and Katya Saunders, Laura Wagner, Psych 207R

“Preschool Children’s Understanding of Emotions in Sharing,” Theresa Chen, Salwa Muhammad and Michele Potofsky, Laura Wagner, Psych 207R

“One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Dead Fish: Children’s Concept of Cessation and Irreversibility Pertaining to Death,” Julia Barraford and Laura Berman, Laura Wagner, Psych 207R

“What Makes a Good Friend?: Preschoolers’ Popularity and Social Skills as Predictors of Friendship Quality,” (Parts I and II) Tara Chiatovich and Emily Newberg, Tracy Gleason, Faculty Research

“How Children Perceive Race,” Nicole Fleming, Tracy Gleason, Psych 350 – Independent Study

Sociometrics with the Middle Group only, Pre- and Post-Tests for Social Competency Study, Mary Ucci and Mary Jane Olson for Emily Newberg, Tracy Gleason, Faculty Research

WPSSI-R Subtests for Assesment, Class Project, Paul Wink, Psych 333



“Theory of Mind and Grice’s Cooperative Principle in Preschoolers,” Emily Carrigan and Kris Liu, Laura Wagner, Faculty Research

“The Realities of Make-Believe: Children’s Relationships with Imaginary Companions,” Rachel White, Tracy Gleason, Honors Thesis*


Spring 2005

“Age Differences in Children’s Social Play,” Class Project, Tracy Gleason, Psych 207R

“Piaget Conservation Tasks - Demonstration,” Mary Ucci, Laura Wagner, Psych 207

“The Effects of Reward on Preschoolers’ Creative Performance in a Story-Telling Task,” Maureen Higgins and Diana Mak, Tracy Gleason, Psych 207R

“The Effect of Food Color on Children’s Perceptions and Decisions about Healthy Eating,” Aislyn Cangialose and Sarah Hope Lincoln, Tracy Gleason, Psych 207R

“Gender Differences in Preschool Children’s Recognition of and Reaction to Negative Emotion in Peers” Shara Collins and Laura Weslander, Tracy Gleason, Psych 207R

“Preschool Children’s Perceptions of Peers’ Intentions,” Agnes Hahn and Lynne Bernier, Tracy Gleason, Psych 207R

Your Left or Mine?  How Preschoolers Learn Spatial Words,” Amanda Price and Anna Shusterman (Graduate Student, Harvard University), Laura Wagner, Psych 350 - Independent Study*

“Video Verb Study,” Laura Wagner, Faculty Research


*Study was presented at the Ruhlman Conference 2005


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