CWS “Quick Fix” Grants provide small amounts of funding to support short-term student projects that could not be anticipated far enough in advance to be covered by SOFC funding.

Grants will be awarded throughout first and second semester to support student service projects.

Examples of projects funded by CWS Quick Fix Grant:

  • You need supplies (art, craft, curricular) for a project or program.
  • Your student group would like to recruit volunteers for an after-school program and need money for publicity.
  • Your service group would like to hold a holiday party at the local homeless shelter and need money for the materials (office and art supplies, food, etc.).

Note: Wellesley students seeking seed money to hold a fundraiser or otherwise engage in crisis response efforts should apply for funding through our "Quick Fix" program. The deadlines on the CWS web site for the "Quick Fix" grants do not apply; we understand relief efforts are ongoing and so applications will be evaluated as they are received if designated as "Wellesley's Response".

Award: Up to $300 dollars for individuals and up to $600 for a group for an entire academic year

Eligibility: All full time students and Davis Scholars currently enrolled in classes on the Wellesley College campus are eligible.  Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Awards will be made until all funds for the year have been allocated.

Limitations and exclusions: Grants are for projects occurring during Fall and Spring semester ONLY.  This money can only be used for programs that are directly involved in a service project addressing a social and/or economic need or for a nonprofit organization.  Money cannot be transferred to another project and unused money must be returned to the fund. No applications will be considered for reimbursement of expenses incurred prior to the time of the application. Students cannot use Quick-Fix Grants to make up for budgetary overruns in existing programs. The funds cannot be used to pay conference or program fees. The funds cannot be used for local transportation for individuals or small groups, and it does NOT cover airfare.

To apply for a CWS Quick Fix Grant, students should submit the following: 

1. Resume (submit via MyCWS)
2. Supplemental Form (link to Supplemental Form provided in MyCWS)
3. Writing Sample 1 (submit via MyCWS) with the following information:

  • Name, Class Year, Banner ID, Wellesley Campus Mailbox number (on the top of each page)
  • Name/address/website of organization
  • A detailed budget
  • Description of project and its goals; tell us about the social and/or economic need or organization this project will directly address (MAX 500 words).

Quick Fix Grant applications will be reviewed on a monthly basis and are due on the 15th of each month, or the nearest business day (except for January 15th) by 12:00PM/NOON. Grants awarded throughout Fall and Spring semester. For specific deadlines and the corresponding MyCWS schedule number, please refer to our Wellesely-Sponsored Funding website.

Note: Applications are considered on a first-come, first-serve basis. Incomplete applications will not be considered. Not all applications will be funded.