Job Search Strategies

An effective job search requires you to take initiative.

Strategize. Identify the industry and organization in which you would like to work and the position you would likely excel in.

There are a number of ways to identify prospective employers, including:

  • Networking! Statistics show that >70% of jobs are found through networking.
  • CWS Recruiting Program: Take advantage of our employment recruiting program in which over 80 companies participate. On-campus recruiting can produce excellent job opportunities; however, recruiters represent only a tiny segment of the job market. It is wise to conduct an independent job search concurrently with your participation in the recruiting program.
  • Career Fairs, including The Fair at Wellesley College in February.
  • Help Wanted Advertisements: Only 15-25% of jobs are obtained through replying to help wanted ads.
  • Directly contacting an employer

The following links provide more detailed information and guidance on job search strategies: