Undergraduate Fellowships



Undergraduate Fellowships Requiring Campus Review

Beinecke Scholarships  Provide juniors who are eligible for financial assistance with funding for application expenses and tuition for master’s or doctoral programs in the arts, humanities or social sciences. (U.S. citizens or nationals.)

Boren Scholarships Support overseas study of languages and cultures, preferably those less commonly taught in the U.S. Service commitment required following graduation. (U.S. citizens.)

Kathryn Wasserman Davis 100 Projects for Peace Offer undergraduates and seniors $10,000 to implement anywhere in the world a grassroots summer project “that could bring new thinking to the prospects of peace in the world”.

Barry M. Goldwater Scholarships – Provide funding toward junior and/or senior year for sophomores and juniors interested in a career in mathematics or the natural sciences. (U.S. citizens, permanent residents, resident aliens, or U.S. nationals from American Samoa, or the Marshall Islands.)

Killam Fellowships – Provide undergraduates, who are U.S. citizens, the opportunity to study in Canada in any field of study.

Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship – Provides modest financial assistance, faculty mentoring, modest term time compensation for projects related to their academic interest; stipends for summer research; and assistance with repayment of undergraduate loans if students pursue doctoral study in Mellon-designated disciplines. (Contact: Wellesley College Director, Tracey Cameron, Harrambee Director/Asst. Dean OIE)

Mayling Soong Summer Scholarships – Provide funding for summer language study in Japan, the People’s Republic of China, or Taiwan. (Contact the East Asian Languages and Cultures Department)

Harry S. Truman Scholarships Provide funding toward senior year and graduate school for juniors interested in a career in public service. (U.S. citizens or U.S. nationals from American Samoa, or the Marshall Islands.)

Morris K. Udall Scholarships– Provide up to $7,000 to sophomores or juniors pursuing careers related to the environment, or to Native Americans or Alaska Natives pursuing careers in health care or tribal public policy. (U.S. citizens, U.S. nationals, or permanent residents.)

Katherine Timberman Wright Awards – Support a second semester project involving ten or more students that addresses a perceived social need, on or off campus.

Undergraduate Research Fellowships Requiring Campus Review

Student Travel and Research Opportunites, Office of the Provost—includes the awards listed below:

  • Pamela Daniels Fellowship - Provides funding to design and complete an original senior project.
  • Early Research Opportunities in Natural and Social Science – Available to sophomores to carry out collaborative research projects with faculty mentors.
  • Student Conference Travel Grants - Provide funding for students to present academic work at a scholarly conference.
  • Student Research Grants - Provide funding to encourage student-faculty collaboration and student research, especially research associated with 350s, 360s and 370s.

Summer Research for Wellesley Students, Science Center –for information on student travel and research available through the Science Center.

A Sampling of Undergraduate Fellowships Not Requiring Campus Review