U.S. Department of Labor, Hall of Fame. Photographer: Brittany-Rae Gregory '12
U.S. Supreme Court, Washington D.C. Photographer: Francesca Acocella '13
Downtown Makeni, Sierra Leone. Photographer: Charlotte Hulme '14
Aga Khan Education Services: Mumbai, India. Photographer: Kristen Ferguson '12
Volcan Pacaya in Guatemala. Photographer: Jessica Anthony '12
Erin E. Corcoran '13 (center) with members of the U.S. Delegation to the Fourth Session of the Bilateral Consultative Commission.

The best way to jumpstart your career—and explore what career might be the best fit for you—is to participate in one (or more) internships while you are at Wellesley.

Seventy-five percent of Wellesley students participate in an internship. These range from a few weeks to a full year and can take place on campus or around the globe. Some are paid, some are not. In some cases, they are even College-funded. Every year Wellesley supports more than 300 student internships.

Here’s where to find everything you need to know about pinpointing the internship that’s right for you, getting it funded, and making the most of it.

Keep in mind that in today’s workforce, your interning days are not necessarily over just because you’ve graduated. Many recent grads still participate in internships in their first year or two out of college, after discovering this is the standard path for many entry-level positions in their chosen field.

But whether you intern in Boston for a semester or in Bahrain for a summer, one thing is certain: Having an internship or two under your belt will make it easier to land a full-time job after you graduate.