Beha Community Engagement

Beha Community Engagement Grant


Beha Community Engagement Grant provides funding to support short-term, civic-engagement, student projects.  Small, one-time grants of up to $300 for individuals and up to $600 for groups are awarded to support entrepreneurial student service projects.  Preference will be given to projects relating to art and architecture.


All full-time students and Davis Scholars currently enrolled in classes on the Wellesley College campus are eligible. Students are only eligible to receive one grant per year.

Limitations and exclusions:

This money may only be used for projects that are directly related to a nonprofit organization and/or community partner and must address a social and/or economic need of a community with a preference given for projects relating to art and architecture.  Money cannot be transferred to another project. Unused money must be returned to the fund. Grant funds may not be used for reimbursement of expenses incurred prior to your application.

To Apply:

Students must complete the supplemental google form (link located in the application instructions section in the appropriate MyCWS schedule), a one-page essay describing their project and the organization they will be working with (see guidelines below), a one-page resume, and a detailed budget of expenses for the project.  

Essay Guidelines (500 word minimum)

The essay needs to describe the project and the organization. The description must also include:

  • Goals for the project including a detailed description of the project and how it will be carried out, according to a specific time-line.
  • What people or groups will you be serving through this project.
  • Why you want to participate in this project and what you hope to learn.

The Essay and Detailed Budget should be submitted as one word document via MyCWS under the writing sample section with the following information at the top of each page:
1) Name
2) Class Year
3) Banner ID
4) Wellesley Campus Mailbox number

Application Deadline: March 11, 2016 at NOON EST

Please submit application through MyCWS Schedule #1611.