Katharine Timberman Wright Award

Katharine Timberman Wright Award: "Venture Capital For Volunteers"

The Katharine Timberman Wright (KTW) Awards were established by the Wellesley College Alumnae Association to support and encourage an entrepreneurial spirit in community service. The awards recognize creative responses by Wellesley College students to perceived social needs, both on and off campus. Katharine Timberman Wright '18 inspired these awards and exemplifies generations of Wellesley College women committed to community service.

The awards are for projects that involve ten (10) or more students. The awards can be up to $750 depending on the design of the project and amount requested on the proposal.

Examples of projects students might consider:

  • designing a new service project or organization
  • inviting a speaker or a series of speakers to campus
  • launching or expanding a community service publication
  • expanding participation in an established program

Past recipients have included:

  • A Day of Sunshine, a fair which raised funds for children in orphanages worldwide.
  • AHORA, a bilingual/bicultural enrichment program
  • Book club at MCI Framingham
  • Destination Asia, a cultural program for children adopted from Asian countries
  • Mentoring program at an elementary school in Boston
  • Chinatown Summer Exploration Program



All full-time students and Davis Scholars currently enrolled in classes on the Wellesley College campus are eligible. Due to the large number of applications we receive, priority is given to students who have not received funding from the CWS in the past.

Limitations and exclusions: This money may only be used for programs that are directly related to community service. Money cannot be transferred to another project. Unused money must be returned to the fund. Grant funds may not be used for reimbursement of expenses incurred prior to your application.  Funding cannot be used for independent study or academic coursework. Cultural exchange programs or English teaching programs are not funded.

Please note that Wellesley students are not normally awarded funding to pursue a community service project or an internship in a country with a current U.S. Department of State Travel Warning. Requests for exceptions to this policy are considered on a case-by-case basis by the College's Safety Committee. Students must provide a letter of support from a faculty member as well as a completed Safety Petition Request. Students going abroad should visit the U.S. Department of State Web site.

To Apply:

Students must complete the following:

1. Supplemental Google Form (link found in MyCWS Sched)
2. One-page resume
3. Detailed budget of expenses for the project
4. One-page essay describing their project and the organization they will be working with (see guidelines below):

Essay Guidelines: 750 word minimum. Essay needs to describe the project and the organization. The description must also include:

  • A detailed project description of the project with information about:

o   how it will be carried out

o   an identified time-line

o   the location

o   the duties of student participants

o   and how project will be publicized

  • What people or groups will you be serving through this project.
  • Why you want to participate in this project and what you hope to learn.

The Essay and Detailed Budget should be submitted as one word document via MyCWS under the writing sample section with the following information at the top of each page:
1) Name
2) Class Year
3) Banner ID
4) Wellesley Campus Mailbox number

Application Deadline: March 11, 2016 at NOON EST

Please submit application through MyCWS Schedule #1612.