Social Media Policy & Guidelines for the Center for Work and Service

Center for Work and Service's Social Media Strategy Overview

The Center for Work and Service at Wellesley College’s social media strategy will compliment the College’s existing communications and publications strategy and act as a supplemental way to bring our message to our primary audience of undergraduate students and our secondary audience of alumnae, employers, graduate school representatives, and the Wellesley College community.

1.1 Goals/Objectives for Social Media

  • Publicize our services, programs, and events to all constituents.
  • Provide content intended to inform and educate students about the career development process, current career issues, internship and job opportunities, and job market trends.
  • Increase visits to our office and website as well as attendance at our events.
  • Build our brand as a thought leader within the career services industry.

1.2 Levels of Social Media Engagement

  • Engage our audience (students, alumni, employers, graduate school representatives, and the Wellesley College community).
  • CWS brand awareness across all social media platforms using messaging consistent with office goals and mission.
  • Broadcast CWS messages across appropriate social media networks.
  • Promote CWS social media profiles to all constituents.
  • Monitor social media chatter regarding CWS and address issues as they arise.

1.3 Social Media Management for Career Services

Web Content Communications Director for the CWS will manage the office’s social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other relevant Web 2.0 sites and stay up to date on current research, evolving user guidelines and best practices in the field of social media. CWS student interns will assist in developing social media posts.

Specific responsibilities of the Web Content Communications Director will include:

  • Execute event marketing according to Event Marketing Tier paperwork supplied by CWS counselors.
  • Ensure proper messaging is being executed online and is relevant to office goals and mission.
  • Establish consistency of messaging across multiple social media networks and website.
  • Create and post a variety of content options designed to educate and inform followers regarding the career development process, current career issues, and job market trends as well as publicize Center events, services, and resources.
  • Develop a content calendar and content management system to schedule and manage messaging on all sites in a timely, consistent, and effective manner.
  • Prepare monthly reports to update internal staff on usage statistics and trends.
  • Provide training to all CWS staff and supervise student interns who assist with posting or creation of social media content.
  • Edit staff-generated content prior to posting on social media platforms as needed.
  • Monitor user-generated content, comments, or posts daily. Remove comments that are solicitations, promote commercial ventures, or those deemed inappropriate for any reason.
  • Respond to comments and direct messages as needed.

2.Policy & Guidelines for the Center for Work and Service's social media Administrators/Practitioners

Due to limited resources, the CWS policies regarding social media interaction with our key constituencies are listed below.

2.1 Social Media Engagement with Students

  • CWS staff will not connect with or follow individual current Wellesley students on social networking sites with their personal accounts (this includes Facebook, and Twitter).
  • CWS staff can connect with Wellesley students in their senior year, at their discretion, on LinkedIn.
  • Student recommendations cannot be made, in accordance with NACE guidelines, unless you have directly worked with the student in the capacity of a supervisor. (This applies to LinkedIn requests as well as other requests for recommendations.)
  • CWS staff will view the social media profiles of students, by request, to assist students in maintaining appropriate privacy settings and developing a professional profile during counseling appointments or drop-in sessions.
  • CWS will offer career education to support student awareness of how to develop and maintain a professional online presence as well as how to use social media for purposes of career exploration and job search.

2.2 Social Media Engagement with Employers

  • Employers are encouraged to connect with the CWS on our various social media platforms
  • For Twitter, employers are encouraged to use the hashtag #HireBlue to reach the Wellesley College student audience and to include our Twitter handle, @MyCWS, when posting content they wish to share with the career center.
  • For Facebook, employers are encouraged to “Like” our Facebook page.
  • CWS retains the right to select employer-generated social media content for potential distribution across our social media platforms.

2.3 Social Media Engagement with Alumnae

  • CWS staff may connect with alumnae via personal social media profiles at their discretion.
  • CWS may promote alumnae participation in student-alumnae events, and on-campus guest speakers and panelists via its social media platforms.
  • Alumnae may be invited to share content related to their careers, to guest blog, or to guest tweet.
  • CWS retains the right to select alumnae-generated social media content for potential distribution across our social media platforms.

2.4 Social Media Engagement with Campus Partners (Units, Centers, Schools, and Departments)

  • CWS will follow campus partners across various social media platforms.
  • CWS may cross-promote career-related content from campus partners whenever appropriate and for specific events which are co-sponsored with our office.
  • CWS retains the right to select campus-generated social media content for potential distribution across our social media platforms.

Download a copy of the CWS Social Media Policy.