Friends of Art at the Davis National Committee

The Friends of Art National Committee is a dedicated group of leadership volunteers who promote and support the Davis exhibitions, educational programs, and acquisitions of art, and who strengthen the link between the Davis and alumnae, parents, and friends of the Museum. We are extremely grateful to this devoted group for advocating tirelessly for the Davis.
Executive Committee

Eileen Conroy ‘75, Chair

Rosamond Brown Vaule '59, Patrons' Co-Chair, Patrons' Chair Boston

Lynn Harvey '86, Patrons' Co-Chair

Lia Dawley ‘12, Chair of Regions

Betty Rauch ‘65, Nominating Chair

Jennifer Hughes ‘06, Finance Chair

Hope Anderson ‘81, Regional Co-Chair Los Angeles/Pasadena

Rebecca Turkington '12, Regional Co-Chair Washington D.C.

Mary Flannery ‘80, Regional Co-Chair New York

Rikki Tracy ‘07, Regional Co-Chair Boston

Emily Kirk Weddle '14, Regional Co-Chair Boston

JiaJing Liu ‘05, Regional Chair San Francisco

Maggie Scheyer ‘87, Patrons Chair Chicago, Member-at-Large

Allison Brown ‘73, Member-at-Large, Nominating Sub-Committee

Melissa King ‘92, Member-at-Large