Friends of Art at the Davis National Committee

Executive Committee
Eileen Conroy ‘75, Chair
Nancy Lee Smith Kemper '73, Patrons' Chair
Lia Dawley ‘12, Chair of Regions
Julia Antonatos ‘85, Regional Co-Chair Chicago
Hope Anderson ‘81, Regional Co-Chair Los Angeles/Pasadena
Allison Brown ‘73, Member-at-Large
Lily Elsner ‘14, Regional Co-Chair Washington D.C.
Mary Flannery ‘80, Regional Co-Chair New York
Milly Glimcher ‘61, Member-at-Large
Cathryn Griffith DS ‘88, Member-at-Large
Jennifer Hughes ‘06, Finance Chair
Melissa King ‘92, Regional Co-Chair Los Angeles/Pasadena
JiaJing Liu ‘05, Regional Chair San Francisco
Midge Palley ‘78, Member-at-Large
Betty Rauch ‘65, Nominating Chair
Maggie Scheyer ‘87, Patrons Chair Chicago, Member-at-Large
Fran Schulman ‘75, Member-at-Large, Patrons 
Kristin Thompson ‘81, Regional Co-Chair Washington, D.C.
Rikki Tracy ‘07, Member-at-Large
Rosamond Brown Vaule '59, Patrons Chair Boston
Emily Kirk Weddle '14, Regional Co-Chair Boston