Friends of Art at the Davis National Committee

Executive Committee
Eileen Conroy ‘75, Chair
Julia Antonatos ‘85, Patrons’ Chair
Allison Brown ‘73, Member-at-Large
Lia Dawley ‘12, Chair of Regions & Regional Co-Chair Washington, D.C.
Mary Flannery ‘80, Regional Co-Chair New York
Milly Glimcher ‘61, Member-at-Large
Cathryn Griffith DS ‘88, Member-at-Large
Lynn Harvey '86, Regional Co-Chair Boston
Jennifer Hughes ‘06, Finance Chair
Nancy Lee Smith Kemper '73, Member-at-Large
JiaJing Liu ‘05, Regional Chair San Francisco
Carlyle Madden ‘82, Regional Chair Chicago
Midge Palley ‘78, Member-at-Large
Betty Rauch ‘65, Nominating Chair
Maggie Scheyer ‘87, Patrons Chair Chicago, Member-at-Large
Fran Schulman ‘75, Member-at-Large, Patrons 
Kristin Thompson ‘81, Regional Co-Chair Washington, D.C.
Rikki Tracy ‘07, Member-at-Large
Rosamond Brown Vaule '59, Patrons Chair Boston
Emily Kirk Weddle '14, Regional Co-Chair Boston