Day of the Dead: Art & Tradition in Puebla & Mexico City

The Davis has partnered once again with International Seminar Design, Inc. (ISDI), bringing the best and most unique opportunities for our Patrons, Curator's and Director's Circle members, all while enjoying a uniquely Wellesley experience with The Day of the Dead: Art & Tradition in Puebla & Mexico City - Click here to view the  fantastic itinerary for detailed information as well as information on how to register through ISDI. 

Please note that this trip is only open to current Patrons to current Patrons, Curator's Circle and Director's Circle members. If you would like to check your membership status, please contact Karen McAdams at or 781-283-2219.  We will happily assist with membership renewal if necessary.  


Patrons Trip Highlights - Southern Exposure

April 3 – 7, 2019

Atlanta, Montgomery and Birmingham


From April 3 through April 7 a group of FOA Patrons traveled to Atlanta, Montgomery, and Birmingham for the first stateside Patrons trip in several years. The group enjoyed private tours at museums, historic sites, and private studios of area artists. Travelers also enjoyed festive receptions at the homes of Eleanor Dunlap Henderson ’73 and her husband James Henderson, and Bunny Winter ’70. For more details, click here to view the trip brochure/intinerary

Hear what some our Trippers had to say about their experience:


The trip was a perfect combination of visits to public art museums, civil rights sights and private art collections. I very much enjoyed our luncheon at Radcliffe Bailey’s home and our time at the Arnett Foundation with Lonnie Holley. 

--Fran Schulman


I don’t remember enjoying a tour more. The quality of the art, the variety of venues, the bringing together of art and history were impressive as were the Wellesley women on the tour. 

--Virginia Aisner ‘67


Your touch on the “Southern Exposure” trip was incomparable. I loved getting to know the people and places so close to you. Thanks to your professional insights and logistical skills, it was easy to feel embraced by those you introduced us to.

Many thanks!  

-- Janet Diederichs ‘50


"Southern Exposure" was my first FOA trip and it was a marvelous, revelatory experience. From the art we saw, both in museums and the extraordinary private collections to the delicious meals we shared to the well planned accommodations and comfy van, the trip was superb. Not to mention having cogent, delightful, erudite commentary on what we were seeing. What a pleasure to travel with you and Amanda. 

But more than that, I use the word "revelatory" for two reasons:  First, I had not known of the African American artists we met and whose fascinating, disturbing and beautiful work we saw. Thank you for introducing us to these extraordinary artists and expanding our horizons!  Second, including the Civil Rights aspect to the trip was incredible. That we were able to include the Equal Justice Initiative's Legacy Museum in Montgomery was a difficult, heartbreaking visit but oh so important. Thank you for your flexibility with our request. 

In addition to having a wonderful time, I learned so much on this trip. And, I look forward to the next Friends of Art excursion.

-- Betty Rauch ‘65