Our Mission

The mission of the Wellesley College Distribution Center is:

  • To provide a cost saving resource, through bulk buying, for the Facilities Management group.  And, to reduce costly trips by college tradesmen to area supply houses.
  • To purchase and keep on hand, the necessary housekeeping supplies, and paper products for the Custodial Services department.
  • To provide a resource for critical maintenance parts, and health and safety related items that may be needed immediately in an emergency situation.
  • To supply the basic needs of the various administrative and academic departments.
  • To provide a Central Receiving area for delivery of shipments by common carrier trucks which are too large to deliver to many buildings on campus.
  • To receive, process and set up for delivery to campus, package express, such as UPS and FEDEX, and to process for pick up, outbound shipments via package express couriers, and common carriers.
  • To provide storage services for departmental booklets, pamphlets, and other materials necessary to fulfil the mission of the college.
  • To help save college budgetary resources, by providing a venue for college departments to send surplus, but still serviceable furniture and other equipment, to be recycled for use by other departments.